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Question for our coders

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Question for our coders

This for the traders who can code; is it possible in Alveo to create a scanner page; for instance a scanner page returning data for the Alignment Strategy. So where the MA is in relationship to price for the H4; H1 and M5 timeframes?

Mon, 06/20/2016 - 9:04am

I think the answer is actually no! While it is just possible to display text on a chart window (and in the log), and therefore display any calculation you might do in your indicator or EA, I don't think you can gather data from any timeframe other than the one the chart is set too. Hopefully someone can tell me I'm wrong!

It's relatively straight forward in MT4 of course - which is where I do all my scans. No real reason a scan like the one you describe needs to be done on Alveo, unless you want to trade automatically off of the results. (28 pairs, 7 timeframes)


Thanks Chaff, thats a shame. Your scanner is sweet. Is it something you designed yourself? Yeah the one I would want is purely based on the Alignment Strategy that Nate teaches.


Unless I'm mistaken, it sounds like you're interested in sampling quotes and comparing them with a MA that's calculated off H4, H1, and M5. If I'm correct, then your request is possible--although the way to do that is somewhat counterintuitive (at least right now).

While I also am not aware of a specific API function that one could invoke to "gather (candles) data from any timeframe other than the one the chart is set too (sic)", it's possible to generate the higher TF candles from the lower TF candles data. For example, a H1 candle essentially consists of 60 M1 or 12 M5 candles, a H4 candle consists of 240 M1 or 48 M5 candles, and so forth. . . . I used that approach for implementing my MAE analysis tools.

After having generated the appropriate OHLC data, you could calculate the appropriate MAs and filter out the areas of confluence.


Gold-Backed. Yeah, that screen shot is of an EA my own design, and has the advantage that once the matrix is logically setup you can display almost anything you like - normally by just changing a small piece of plugged-in code. For example, price above/below a MA(x) or a positive or negative oscillator (such as a MACD), etc., etc. And since each of those buttons is not limited to two states, you can even use it to tell you when something like the Forex Fanatics HMA system triggers.

For now my recommendation would be for you to write your scanning tools on MT4. Alveo isn't there yet. It has very little in the way of object capability, and you are restricted to accessing only the chart pair, and (confirmed by hak) only the chart timeframe.