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Quote server problems

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Quote server problems

Keep getting


When try restarting get the message

Failed to load data feeds. reason Timeout

anyone else same thing





Tue, 05/03/2016 - 8:38am

yes... same thing




same here


Come on Alveo, let's get on the ball. Can't login and even when I'm lucky enough to get connected, charts won't load. Alveo needs to devote some capital to server support and maintenance.


Very, very, very annoying... doesn't show when a connection is lost... it just stops... then a person realizes the numbers haven't changed for a bit and then try to change time frames and you see you are not really connected... and then I have to shut down and restart which means I have to reset my complete system... I hate the way it is set up... no way to save the setup so it comes back up the way I want it...

Very, very, very annoying.


Mine froze occasionally this morning, but normally reloaded. Now, it's gone again and I've tried 4 times to get back in. No luck.


Confirming same problem. Alveo continued to freeze since about 7 a.m.(CT) so I kept logging off and back on because I was trying to place orders. Then the last time around 8:40 a.m. (CT) noticed it was frozen again and tried to restart. Won't start with error message:

"Failed to load data feeds. reason Timeout"

Jerry K

Am really sick of this! Is anyone listening or more importantly - is anyone doing anything to remedy it? A whole new obstacle is placed in the way - one that should have been sorted long ago.


Hey Jerry, give me some more details, ie. what were you doing when it went off line, --were you setting up some trades, when exactly did it occur, etc. I may not be able to help but will try. I know I have had problems in the past and lots have guys and gals have jumped in to help. So man don't throw in the towel. I know how it feels. Anyway respond to my comment and I know someone can help if I can't. You can also call the tech support on 801-701-1650. They have personnel there that can help you also.




just connected