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More important to me than having a computer with multiple monitors is having redundancy.  Redundancy is the inclusion of extra components that are not strictly necessary to functioning, except in case of failure in other components.  To achieve redundancy I use a desktop and a laptop.  In effect this gives me two monitors.  It also gives me two separate computers.  With two computers if one goes down i.e. virus, hardware failure or whatever, I still have one computer I can use to keep trading or to be able to close OPEN trades.  Two computers also allows me to trade when not at home by taking my laptop with me.  I also have two car batteries connected together along with a battery charger and a power inverter.  I have my computer power cords and internet modem connected to the power inverters.  The batteries protect my computers from power spikes that can damage computers.  Also if I lose power from the electric company I can still continue to trade for hours.  I can also activate the hotspot option on my cell phone.  This way when I lose power from the electric company or there is a problem with the internet connection from the internet company I can turn on the hotspot and connect to it with my laptop's internal wifi and I can keep on trading (10MB up and 10MB down plenty fast enough for trading).  I still need to add a wifi card to my desktop for redundancy in case my laptop dies.

To me redundancy is more important to my trading than a fancy computer system.  I just simply need to be able to continue to trade no matter the circumstance.

Sat, 02/11/2017 - 8:09am

Sounds like a nice setup Alan.