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Ride the USD wave


Ride the USD wave

I have been trading for about a year.  I have watched a ton of Apiary Fund videos to find my trading strategy.  I have searched for the "Perfect" no avale.  I have had little success with this method.

Some of my best trading days was when the USD was trending up or down.  I have 7 USD pairs on my screen.  CAD, CHF, GBP, EUR, AUD, NZD and JPY.  When 6 out of 7 trend in the common direction I take a trade in the direction of the trend.  If I feel a bit spunky I will take 4 more trades.  

Has anybody had success with a similar method?  

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 3:10pm

Hi good to talk with you. My own trading began almost thirty years ago in futures, but joining Apiary for discipline! My similar idea is to watch the profile chart for USDX for the day's open, point of control, value area and VWAP, and follow price action, then trade the pairs with the alignment strategy. This way I can see where the resistance and extremes will be and watch for slowing and reversal action near those areas. Seems to help.


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@dkoto I will totally agree there is no perfect indicator, however, a currency index will usually lead the forex pairs especially the USD crosses. Frankly, the seven pairs you mention and there are 10 including the two metals. Usually, the USD/XXX will travel together and opposed to the XXX/USD.


@rfrank7777. Are you using Alveo when you view the USDX chart? If so, will you let me know where I can find this chart?



@Rookie. Your comment about the USD/XXX and XXX//USD being opposed is how I get my 7 pairs. I will also put the precious metals into my trading. Thank you


I try to follow a similar pattern in the morning to see if the USD is trending same direction against most of these major pairs. Gives me more confidence that market will continue that direction today.


I have found that trading the DXY cross(S) is most effective 1 you're or so and 2-3 hours after both the London open and NY Open.
Usually good for 100 pips each session.