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Robotic Trading

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Robotic Trading

If anybody wants to test robots, you can get VPS service free from AWS (AMAZON) for one year. 

Fri, 02/22/2019 - 4:36am

That sounds like a fabulous free way to prevent a power outage or intermittent Wi-Fi issues from ruining a trade!
Great information,


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many brokers offer these for a monthly charge wavered on commuting a balance to the account. $10k is typical. if you go via a rebating introducer broker this can fall to $2k. when you get into it you'll realise that price isn't everything. need to restart after a windows update on some but not all.


It's best to get a VPS that is located near the broker you will use. If the VPN is in the US and the broker is in Australia, well you can see the problems that could occur. Your broker can recommend one for a discount usually...


If anyone has had good success with a robot, I'd like to here about it.


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Agreed. I've been trading using an EA on Alveo for over a year with an EC2 instance on AWS. Just be careful to configure your security groups / Network ACLs carefully to restrict unauthorised access, and configure two-factor authentication to your instance (using a service like Duo).