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rookies Short term trades

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rookies Short term trades

Splitting up the "rookies long term" and posting the short term scalps into a new topic.

Basically this is a laid back Shawn wobble which I will elaborate on another day.

Today was a terribly slow Holliday trade for the EU but earlier on the Cad crosses did very well not that I traded any of them. 

Attached is my all-day trade in the EU, mostly 2 pip TP while I was off doing other things. Not to worry about the unrealized aa all small risk and should they will close in the next session. 

Happy Scalping.

9-2 AM session.PNG13.24 KB
Mon, 09/02/2019 - 5:44pm

Thanks Rookie for sharing. Nothing was moving today so I also could do any trading other than watching some opened trade. Waiting for Japan to open to see if there some actionable trade for me.


We must always be aware of the location in the time and price cycle that the next higher time period is at, before entering a trade in the lower time cycle.

For example, if the M5 is close the end of it's time/price cycle, it could be very risky to enter a trade on the M1. Similarly, if the M15 is near the end of it's time/price cycle, it could be risky to enter a trade on the M5.

You may end up with your trade going against you with a vengeance, and you'll take a loss you do not want, or you'll be tempted to start thrashing around trying to fix it.


well, a new week is passing by, rapidly.
Monday's scalps went very well I was up 1% with a full 35% of my available trades open and doing well.
Then the pip vampire struck, unexpected EUR news! oh no but it temp news surely it will have a retracement.
Adding two more trades at a time I'm now at 50-60% of my available trades and hit my absolute max isk limit I cash out at -2.5%.

Lesson learned don't play like Shawn in an outside range no matter what caused the range change in bias. Why because I have not earned the right to manage that much equity yet.

The rule is broken, risk management rule number 1 protect your capital and rule number 2 don't forget rule number 1.


Now, Tuesday am is up, had to leave my long term open and turning a losing breakout trade into a swing trade in hops of salvation...

Ok settling down to scaling (this account is cool because the risk limit has been reduced to 1% per trade and 2.5% overall. Which has taught me to obey my personal risk tolerance of 1-1.5 percent of my equity.

We ok and for a real change followed my rules and got out a 10 AM CDT. Thus not give it back to the banks. This scalping is 100% all EU at .06 lot and a 2TP.

My psychology is changing a bit from never stopping. The last chart attached call market structure shows the EU really moving after 10 AM CDT. That's like putting a big stake on my plate. While I watch in my amazement I was thankful for sticking to my rule.

9-10 AM Scalping 10 Am and Out.PNG 9-10 AM Order stats.PNG EURUSD.PNG EU market Structure 3M.PNG

I would really like to learn more about the "Wobble". To be something that spoken about so much around here, there really is not a lot of information about it.

I am starting to think that I am understanding it a bit more after watching him do it several times, but I would still like a little more info about the actual logistics. I have tried it a few times with decent success, but I sometimes feel almost like I am just going click crazy without really even fully understanding the positioning, risks, etc., and it can get quite scary when things start breaking through multiple pivot points that you were counting on. The "fix-it" mode is what still has me a bit confused. I obviously can see when it is time to start trying to "fix-it", but I am not exactly sure of the full strategy there.


Jude, read thru the thread, Rob is doing a good job of keeping it running, Best is you watch as many of the Trading Romm sessions as possible also. Shawn also has a for-pay class on the wobble in the TOTS web site.


I haven't been able to trade or post often lately, so finally got a break and some needed rest, did a little laid back scalping this am NY session. Traded EU with 3 trades exception of silver. Silver scalping for me is mostly a mistake and cost me some pips and big bucks. But the day finished up ok, took a while as EU didn't exactly set the charts on fire today but was very steady all morning.
Back to work for me.


9-16 AM session equity.PNG 9-16 AM session Stats.PNG 9-16 AM last 100.PNG

I like your style analyzing your preferred time (zones) to trade, not just price action. Good job.

2019-09-16 11_22_36-rookies Short term trades _ Apiary Fund.png

TYVM! and for my next trick is to do it again tomorrow...::))
BTW that one loss was my last trade when I close out, it was positive but got me for a few pennies.


Bro Rex did a very good series starting way back early this year where he covered a trading plane in detail,
am attaching two styles of worksheets for your review
There is also a PDF but I no longer have it.

Also, Jeff Crystall has a much more in-depth plan which you should graduate to in G3 at the latest.

Rex work sheet.docx 23.53 KB
Rex How to Strategy Building Worksheet.docx 15.76 KB

Well, its 10 am my quitting time. today I made a serious blunder, thinking again...::)) not trading what I am seeing. So how does this happen?

I opened up my chart and started up with a bullish slant on the EU. Wobbled a bit and up 20 pips, checked the news and the only concern was the US news. Read what they were and concluded they would be positive. And as it turned out they were.
However, I kept building a bigger position to the south as the bullish slant continued. Why I really have no psychological clue except thinking positive US news coming up the EU should be heading south. Needless to say, that didn't happen.

Thing is I had draw the bullish slant on my chart starting out the morning and the PA stayed with it until the news broke it out. The issue I outsmarted my self and PA went the other way. I had almost, with my equity and risk tolerance. 75 lots on and could not withstand the outside range and closed up shop.

Thus you win some and lose some and hopefully the winning days outway the losing days. If not fix da rules.


9-17 Am Session.PNG 9-17 AM chart.PNG 9-17 Order Stats.PNG

Great comments. I've gleaned some tips watching Shawn in the Trader on the Street videos. I'm convinced that short term scalping is the only way to go for me. I've had mostly bad results trying long term...but good results with the short term scalping. I think the reason is because I'm sitting in front of my computer when I'm scalping and can react to what the market is doing...or at least try to anticipate what it's going to do. On short term, even when your wrong it's not a disaster if you're quick to close out losing trades and often times if you don't close the trade and just wait awhile you'll still be ok. Has anyone bought Shawn's wobble class? If so, what did you think?


Great Comments, this is the best way to trade


Wednesday's trading was a disappointment for me because I broke my rules a few times and paid the price.
1st time was I didn't close my PM trades when I was up .65% and the NY open was about to happen.
That is rule1 & 2 broken-shattered.
Proceeded to lose and go negative about -.15%

Then save the day the FOMC and all is well back to BE.
Kept trading past 10 AM CDT rule 3 shattered. and lost another -.15%.

Sometimes I wonder how I got to be old... because it wasn't because I can follow rules.

Trade well and enjoy!

9-18 Nite & Day Sessions.PNG 9-19 AM session order stats.PNG

Thursday and new dawn!
Didn't break too many of my rules today.
But I did keep trading after the Trade Room until around 10:30 AM CDT. Why pur greed, I was at +.45% and wanted my daily goal of +.50%. So I broke two rules, time to quite and greed! I was fortunate not to get stomped by price action.

I broke my rules with some introduction but with educated caution. The attached TVC 15M chart shows my thought process. EU was heading south to support, the center dotted line is where I got out. Note the change in the CCI oscillator showing a volume bottom had been reached and then the DXY taking a nosedive. Immediately after the EU bulls took over and are still in control at the resistance dotted line.

Be happy, trade well, Enjoy!

9-19 AM session.PNG 9-19 AM session order stats.PNG 9-19 AM Session and out.PNG

I must say today was an interesting and at time very challenging NY session. I love trading most any place and time but I am glad this session is over for me.

I scalped the usually EURUSD and by mistake started trading EURAUD by mistake. See plot trades.
However, I am not used to the EA price action not to mention with the Friday quakes. It turns out one must have extreme never-patience to withstand its spikes. I kept moving my TP's to limit potential losses but due to today's swings it certainly was not necessary. Too bad, I don't have foreknowledge.

Overall it was a fair session. My challenge next week will be to string 5 days in a row at my daily goal.

Hoping you all have a peaceful and enjoyable weekend.

9-20 AM Session Equity Line.PNG 9-20 Trade Stats.PNG 9-20 AM Session Plot Trades.PNG

I have been gone for over a week, did ya miss me? starting to trade again was a bit scary... so I took it easy on the market.
I missed the EU bear spike this Am while listening to Jeff, but did ok overall. Didn't hit my daily target but felt the market was done for me today.

Happy trading this week!

9-30 AM Session.PNG 9-30 Stats.PNG

It's been an interesting week, so good and some not so good sessions. Getting back into the swing of things is interesting, to say the least.

10-4 trading was good however I proved to my self once again that I trade better when I am asleep...Started out yesterday evening in the oh so watch the paint dry Asian session and left a few five pip trades on, ok got up about 5 AM to 56 pips and .48%, pleasantly happy. I started sipping the market a bit with my coffee (when I should have just closed out) but I am addicted so continued sipping while waiting for NFP, moved my stops out about 150 pips and placed a bunch of buys and a few sells. Then of course waited for the announcement. It came and went, now up about 140 pips and 1.32%, said I was done for the day. I'm such a lier, So back to trading and got out when I hit 2.0% and the top of my imaginary channel was hit. Then of all the Gaul the PA continued to break through the resistance level and I'm missing all those pips. But oh well it's now just after 9 Am and I'm done for the day. My rule is to stop by 10 AM no matter because the market has lost all its fun by then.

Note on the Plot Trades the few losers were closed by me manually or moved to limit a potential loss as Shawn does so well.

As always keep it light and enjoy the trade!

10-4 London & NY & NFP.PNG 10-4 Order Stats.PNG 10-4 Plot Trades.PNG

Screenshots of my charts when I'm scalping.
I use two monitors for trading, one for Alveo and one for TVC and the news.
I also have a third monitor on the left for our classes and chats etc.

I trade the %M chart for my order entries and the 15M chart for my structure.
I use the 3M chart with DXY as an advance notice so to speak.

10-4 Alveo charts.PNG 10-4 TVC Chart.PNG

Today I didn't have much time to the scalp, I traded the London Open a bit during Jess class, about 50 pips, then set some trades Mr. Powel. I took a chance that Trump would not jump to claim any cheeses. Seems like it worked out fairly well, I did generate a few losses as PA didn't drop as much as I had anticipated.

All in all, I once again proved to meself I trade better when I sleeping or not here.


10-7 NYOpen & News.PNG 10=7 NYOpen & News Plot Trades.PNG 10-7 NYOpen and news trade Stats.PNG

For me and I suspect many of us it's always a quandary of when to exit a trade.
One rule of thumb is to make hay while the sun is shining, or as one instructor recently said when it's going your way its time to pile on. In the past, I did just that and the results were not good, disastrous would be more accurate. My solution was to set a more or less .50 NY Open target and then just get out and if I haven't achieved that by 9 AM central get out anyway.

Today was a day that really challenged me to get out. Trading was going well and I'm waiting for the orange US news at 7:30 Central. News hits and now I'm at .48% with all trades closed. EU spiked up as I expected and it was relatively small so a retracement is in order. Do I get back in and break my rule? Well, naturally I could not resist. 15 minutes later I'm approaching .60% and close my last trade knowing that the PA has more leg to run. Do I stay out? This time I certainly did. Did PA continue to run, it certainly did and then established a new channel to wobble in.

But oh well what are rules for? Some would certainly say rules are made to be broken, in trading that doesn't work for me.
Oh, the smily face on my TVC chart is where I exited so I potentially gave up a rather large gain.

Happy Trading!

10-8 EU NY Open.PNG 10-8 EU NYOpen Equity.PNG 10-8 NYOpen Plot Trades.PNG

I finished for the day about 8:45 Am Central and I am glad I'm out before all the news starts hitting about 9 and then oil and then Fomc and Powel at the same time. It is going to be a volatile morning, no doubt.

And I see President Trump is starting again.
Trump takes another shot at the Fed!/trump-takes-another-shot-at-the-fed-20191009

Attached is my daily trade review.

10-9 NY Open Equity.PNG 10-9 NY Open Trade Stats.PNG 10-9 NY Open Trade Stats.PNG 10-9 AM EU Range Trade Chart.PNG

Ok, I was done and got breakfast, etc, then a good friend reminded me about Shawn's TOTS session, well what with potential news blow out I could not resist and went back in to trade.

So I'm off to do some fall gardening... BTW the attachments are the NY Open through the TOTS session.

Happy trading.

10-9 EU NY Open through Shawns TOTS.PNG 10-9 EY NY Open through Shawns TOTS plot trades.PNG

We take the good with the bad and try not to be vengeful. So last overnight I got slaughtered. I didn't think it affected me.
Attached is my final for the NY Open a considerable loss.
Now get this I was up .75% and said I'll hold on until I get 1%, greedy me.
Broken rule and I knew it, I was past my goal, only had a few trades open for maybe a few negative pips and I said to self-time to get out. But then that evil devil sitting on my left shoulder said no get the 1%,
For those that have followed my thread know, I have had this problem previously and I most likely will not be the very last time but it will be the last time for the memorable future.

Happy trading, enjoy.

10-10 NY Open.PNG

Well, I lost 223 pips Tuesday, also. So, Rookie and I can start a weeping hearts club. What happened is the market was not in agreement with my bias. Still not sure why the market disagreed with me. I haven't offended it that I know.

Rookie, may I borrow your phrase?

"Steady as she goes"


Not my phrase it's part of G2 or G3, so have at it!!

PS I'm not in favor of bleeding hearts except the plat it's very beautiful.
As an action kind of guy I'll be back on the horse shortly, In fact I already am...:)


Interesting to look at your stats as you go thanks for sharing


@Okidoki, your welcome and thank you. I hope they are helpfull.


I'm going to make two posts this morning. This first one is an object lesson for me on how a trader gets lopsided when wobbling.
The second post will be my so-called fix-it mode. While this all comes from Shawn's wobble teachings, I have modified it to what I call my laid back scalping-wobble. It's mostly all the same principle; however, I trade both sides of the price action.

Being mindful that it is Friday after a significant move, but there is little to no news scheduled.

Ok here we go, when Shawn first sets up his trade session, he picks the major trend-bias.
My first mistake I for whatever reason did not do this and "assumed" EU was heading south.
And it did after a brief end of an upward leg. Thus I'm off on the wrong foot and close out a few negative trades for -50 pips.
Undaunted, I continue to trade. And make it back to zero equity. Naturally, it's early yet maybe 8 AM, so yes, I continue to trade.
Now I am trading some south positions, and PA decides to head north. Looking back, I had bought a pullback, and PA was returning to a bullish position of its bias.

Here is where we traders tend to get in trouble, especially with a small equity account. I have picked the wrong bias, so while PA is going up, yes, I am placing sell positions, and continued to do so until I had no more room to manage the trade. Very bad, and this is where we usually get stopped out at 5% or our risk limitation. For me, that point is 2%, which was just touched today, and then PA retraced ever so slightly. So I'm hanging. Is Whats PA going to do? It's at the very top of the channel I had put on my chart, will it break thru or will there be some profit-taking?

1 image is the DXY showing its bias, I.E. EU would almost always be going the opposite.
2 image is traded in the channel as I defined
3 image is my open trades
4 image is my equity bar at this time
5 image is the channels as I defined them on TVC

10-11 9AM DXY Object Lesson.PNG 10-11 850 AM boundires.PNG 10-11 NY overload.PNG 10-11 850 AM Equity overload.PNG 10-11 850 AM Overloaded.PNG

The second post is part two of the just above trade.
I was a bit lucky here that there was some profit-taking and the PA walked down and up the legs.
I closed out with a few loses totaling about -20 pips but was very fortunate that a disaster hadn't occurred to my account.
So I wobbled to and fro as is my habit. I did make another almost critical error when O reached .75% equity and didn't close out, again my greed and goal setting is not my friend.

While this is a relatively small account all trades were taken at a .06 lot size and most two trades at a time. I have found that this sizing works best for my trading style and with my win-loss ratio.

In Hindsight could I have hung in there and made a little more to cross the 1% equity for the day, yes, did I know I said enough and it was 10 AM Central past my quitting time rule.

1 image hindsight, I got out at the green line.
2 image plot trades
3 image Order Stats
4 image the sessions final outcome, the equity

10-11 1022AM hindsight.PNG 10-11 NY Open 10 AM plot trades.PNG 10-11 NY Open 10 AM Order Stats.PNG 10-11 NY Open close 10 AM Equity.PNG

This thread has been a worthwhile project for me and I sincerely hope that it has helped a few traders as much as I have learned from record keeping. Everyone should maintain a trading diary and track their stats so they have some benchmark to make adjustments to their system and trading plane. AKA the process.

I am not doing this to show off in any way, its part of my learning process and I was thinking shareing would be nice. I hope my fellow traders have enjoyed it. I am going to back off now from all the posting and maybe do a weekly summary as a follow on.

Thanks to all, the followers and viewers.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Trade well, keep it light and enjoy!


have a great weekend - been helpful for me reading your posts


Thx Rori!


Great stuff Rookie
It's interesting that you are still having so much of a challenge obeying your rules ?
But things seem to be going okay in spite of that (Still Tweaking them?)

I notice in some of your Alveo chart shots they are showing your trades printed on them

This is something I really miss (Among a few other tools/features in Alveo) compared with MT4 etc as it
is easier to identify why you got into a trade at a certain point in time (The good ones and the Bad ones)
I take it that it is a custom indicator ?

A weekly Post sounds great particularly if you feel they are still helping yourself in some way ?
Like helping being a little more accountable for Following/Not Following your Rules etc

Really good Posts


Hi Rookie,

Thanks for all the sharing of your trade results and the background commentary on them. It certainly opens our minds and gives us a lot to appreciate the emotions while trading.

Wish you continued success.


@geysertown, thanks for your post,

yes still mastering my cash management - trade management rules, will always be doing that. That said yes I have something ingrained that makes pushing the edge a rational decision. It has taken me 3 years to get to Wabi-Sabi and will take a few more to achieve some type of perfection.

In the meantime, I shall continue to perfect my scalping and learn day trading. Swing trading is not on my horizon for the comming year.

But the bottom line and now my epiphany is not how much you make but how much you lose.
all the rest is secondary.



Hi Rookie
Yeap it sure is an ongoing challenge for most of us....mastering our cash management and trade management rules

One of my most favored sayings is ..."Successful Trading Is All About You the Trader"
Until we understand that we are doomed. It's a journey that all traders have to travel

Over the years and tears I have found that having and overall slightly Broader Trading Brief which you can then apply various trading setups and trade management within so long as you don't break outside the overall Trading Brief allows me a bit of flexibility / trading intuition etc without it getting out of hand to much on any given day etc works best for me....

An example of an overall Trading Brief could be simply the max 2% per trade 5% per day max loss that Alveo monitors so very well ( One of the few things it does really well mind you)
You seem to have imposed an even tighter overall trading brief in that area which is great if you have found that's what works best for you for now ... The beauty of this is that it is not set in stone and can be adjusted as the trading experience grows and you prove to yourself that you should ?

Great thread


Great thread Rookie. I have just got into Gold 2 and I am trying to trade consistently through to Gold 3.
Thank you for sharing your journey. I think that we learn most from our mistakes and, in this thread, also yours and what happens when we do not follow our rules. This thread has certainly reinforced the necessity to follow your rules CONSISTENTLY and try to avoid the urge to trade for the sake of trading. It doesn’t matter if you take 1 trade per day or hundreds. The aim is to make money. Whichever technique is profitable and suits your psychology is the best for you.
I found in Gold 1 that I was often taking trades outside of my trading plan to get my statistics in order. This was not successful and is probably the reason I was in Gold 1 longer than I would have liked.


Thank you Mike, agreed and best to you.



Always good material :)



Thx Allen, well maybe not always :)


Agreed MikeGeo
Especially your comment ..... It doesn’t matter if you take 1 trade per day or hundreds. The aim is to make money. Whichever technique is profitable and suits your psychology is the best for you.

Having said that getting through S3,G1 and G2 makes a lot of us traders trade differently for a bit to get the job done in a timely manner
I guess at the very least it proves to them that we can adjust and work /trade in a way that they require as need be at least for a while ?


Thanks Rookie
Really appreciate you showing me where the Trade Plotter is under scrips in the Alveo Platform


Columbus Day, its 10 am CDT and about 1.5 hr past my usual stop and get out time. The activity was a bit slower today most like due in part to the US and Canadian holiday, So I am trading away and getting near 100 pips and wondering what the heck why isn't my equity over .50%... then the dah factor kicks in, I am trading a smaller account and reduced my lot size by 50% or a, 03 lot...

So off to get something done the day is still young.

Go easy on your self, enjoy!

10-14 NY Open Equity.PNG

Just another routine trading New York Open.
What I found different is the TVC chart I plotted my start and stop time when I started and thats exactly when I was out...
Note I started with the upper channel and as PA drifted south a new channel was established. I put the first horizontal lines in when I start out and then add them as new price points are established.

Well, I'm off to build a workshop going to be a fun day!

Happy trading, enjoy.

10-15 NY Open Equity.PNG 10-15 NY open Plot Trades.PNG 10-15 NY Open 3M TVC.PNG

At 9 AM I'm driving to WI having stopped at 8 AM to gather up stuff and hit the road...

Then 9 AM boom, not just boom but boom-boom
EU and UK negotiators closing in on a draft Brexit deal, hinges on DUP support

Chaek out that 50 Pip candle!

But who knew....::))

10-15 ( AM CDT 50 Piup Candle.PNG

So that's what that was!


trey and it did it once more last night!

However, I chose the wrong bias and lost about 100 pips, corrected my bias and did it again...
So I had to stay in the trade longer than usual. But I have the rule to be out by 10 AM central and that by 10 am the bias is set for the day. Lately, its been by 9 am but I had several open positions.
Now observing my rules at 10 I set a few trades on and left to do chores.
Came back 1.5 hr later and was ok with the result.

Happy trading.

10-16 NY Open Equity.PNG 10-16 NY Open Plot Trades.PNG 10-16 NY Open Trade Stats.PNG

So I just closed out of this am's trades... dah what a haul.
Did I make any busks? not if I am reading the stats correctly.
I was up to 2.05 this am and got a little greedy, boom down to a -1%
then during the next while and Shawns Trading made it back to plus,
the road it all day to up 1.25 and back down... LOL
Bottomline many Hours later it's finally closed on its own.
Was it worth it, only from the POV that it closed positive?

Wooha, happy trading.

10-16-17 Ny Opwn Plot Trades.PNG 10-16&17 a bit NY open and cotinued.PNG

Today started out so slow... at 7 Am central I started trading and 1 hour later had a whopping 25 pips.
After another hour of paint drying, I add GBP trades, all most blew it but managed to survive, most likely because I managed to clear all my trades but several GBP sells and then left to do some chores. Upon returning all was cleared up.

I feel fortunate that I escaped positive for the session. However, the profits were a bit lacking at $9 dollars and change per hour.
GBP crosses are expensive to trade so I increased my TP to 3 pips while maintaining 2 pip TP for EU.

All it was a good week with all 4 days being green.


10-18 NY Open till 1030 AM Equity.PNG 10-18 NY Open Order Stats.PNG 10-18 scanner.PNG
10-18 NY Open Orders.xlsx 23.63 KB

Rookies week roundup. I have not been bold enough to post this before, actually, it never occurred to me thinking day by day and session by session. So I am expanding my horizon.

Overall it was a positive week but looking at these NY Open stats not extremely profitable. The good news it was a green week!
I feel I have made good progress on the road to consistent consistency. Mostly my patience is improving which in turn is improving the process. As I do not want to increase my lot size or risk metrics nor switch pairs from EU I will need to add more pips daily and get my average cleanly over 1% per day, Of course I could round up enough money to go to a boot camp...

I have also added Ichimoku to my TVC chart in order to get used to its facets and Allen's class next week which will be a long term thread. I have attached a 4H example but I did use it for all my trading this week, scalping and long term.

Wishing everyone has a wonderful weekend!


new chart.PNG Week Ending 10-18.PNG

when is Allen having his class and is it on his ichimoku trading?


Kenin, please contact Allen, he sells his book with the class, very reasonably priced.
here ya go, Allen Gold


Weekly review.

with the exception of last night were I traded the London session with GBP crosses in this account and the correlation,
all the rest of the day sessions are from the NY Open.

For my laidback scalping wobble technique, this was a good week because of the rather tight range bound EU market. But there could have been more volatility and the session on average took and an extra hour of trading to wrap up and exit the trading.

attached are the following images.
1. NY Open weekly trade stats.
2. Pips Today tab
3. Week of EI plot trades
4. My other GBP crosses the correlation trade in the London session. Theses stats are not in the attached weekly stats.

Comments welcome, questions hit me.

Wishing all a good weekend and pip filled week!

Happy Trading!

10-25 NY Open weeks summary.PNG NY Open Pips week of 10-20.PNG NY Open weeks EU Plot Trades.PNG 10-24 London Open to NY with News equity.PNG

Ops, one bad trade.

So most know the USDX made some moved on Friday if you were in Silver or Gold most likely you made a fortune.
And if in the bear direction a goodly amount on EU and other pairs.
I pulled a Shawn bad trade day and road an outside traded all the way down to a stall. Nope, it never came back one little bit.
However the good news I was smart enough to close all the traders at a loss when I gave up hope. The bad was I was past my risk tolerance level and would not enter trades in the opposite direction. I trade 1% and 2% is my line in the sand so at -2.5% I tossed in the towel.

What's a die-hard I can't be the wrong trader like me going to do. Lamenting a bit I placed a few buys stops with enough TP to cover my losses plus 25% for cost. So what can go wrong on Sunday when the markets open. EU could continue bearish and my trades will not trigger. Plenty of time to jump if that occurs. The market could go bullish 25 pips and make me whole. The market could go bullish and whipsaw bearish and slaughter me until my stops hit for another 200 pip loss.

My history of doing this has worked out very well, after all, I only need a move of 25 Pips..:)

Checking the various projections for the day and week, this is going to continue south. But I find enough mixed sentiment in the market that my chances are currently 60/40 south. Only time will tell!

I'll do a follow up on Monday!

10-25 NY Open outside edge.PNG 10-25 NY Buy Stops Open Buy Stops.PNG

The follow up to that last post, well it didn't go well and I closed out at a negative 2% which is my risk tolerance. Which if one considers I only make about 1% per day thus 2% is 1% to high as I can not make up the loss in one trading session.

This past month I have been mostly not well but continued trading in a sandbox, a good thing, don't trade when your not well. I managed to lose about $1,000 this month. my equity curve has one day up and two days down for 1K pips. I would make a good saw.

Today's trade, with the news, let me count the rules I have broken.
First I started out ok, being a preholiday I reduced my lot size to .03. Was up about 100 pips and just 1.2% equity.
Know news is coming I had to give that some thought. Subscribing to the conspiracy theory I'm thinking with all the US news coming out it's going to be positive, after all, it is thanksgiving..:) So I see the DXY steady heading south further confirming my suspicion. Checking my positions I'm in a .36 at .03, definitely not over-leveraged but they are on the long side of Gold. Meaning if the DXY heads north with the good news my positions are heading south.
Ah, it's only a few trades don't worry, even when it does it will come back. Not placing an emphasis on the next news in two hours. Historically when there is back to almost back news in the US the bounce back will be delayed for that news release which again is historically opposite the first release.
No, I do not have empirical data to back this up only my observations and news losses over three years.
Now, 10 minutes before the news hits another boom, apparently, there is a leak and DXY drops another leg very quickly. Now to me, that is confirmation of a big bullish run about to occur. So did I close out my open trades... NOT.
News is released and as suspected DXY shoots north and Gold goes south. Short 100 pips and 1%, oh it will bounce back shortly.
Did it, not even for a little breather, at -1.86% I'm out. Yes, a bit pissed off at my bad trading. But undaunted I get back in (one of my no-no rules) next I'm down -2.5% dah the reason for my rule and I'm out for the rest of the day and unlike Todd was not the best loser I know.

I made a comment in last nights psych class "when I close my outliers I make 1% when I don't I lose 2%"

By the way after the next news which was negative the PA did retrace 50% and now completed a 100% retracement.

Hopefully you bee's traded better than I did today and if not you followed your rules doing it.

Wishing you all a great Holliday!
Time for some Soft Jazz: "Fireplace" (3 Hours of Soft Jazz Saxophone Music) - Relaxing and chill music

one bad trade.PNG

In general, I think it is better to close all your trades before the news release.
I found news causing too much whipsaw very hard for newbie to trade.

I also found the lack of volatility in the market is difficult to trade also due to lack of price movements. Very hard for me to stay focus.
It is better just enjoy the holiday and have some fine wines.


CNG thanks fo0r the post,

as the saying goes, to each their own...)


Thank you for sharing all of this information. Just reading it alone is a huge help!


Thank Rookie.


At last I found my strategy working for Scalping by using my Smart Trader indicator of short term scalping I am making few hundred Pips a week


Anthony, I am very glad to learn of your success, Keep up the great work in the new year!


Ok, so I have posted in my thread in 35 days, and somewhat sparsely before that.
I have more winning sessions than losing sessions.
But you guessed it, and my losing sessions outweighed any potential equity growth.

I confess I was having some difficulty sorting out my losses.
1. Was not cutting the trade soon enough, more commonly called allowing your losers to run.
2. Why I had losers bigger than what I can earn in a day.

I am trying varied approaches and trading in almost any market I can to the conclusion that I am not trading like sessions because price action is different for different patterns. Dah NS, you say. Taking a deeper dive into my losing days, I figured out that certain types of trades tend to catch me off guard before I can react.

So I need to redefine my strategies into basically each market type.
I defined three basic market types.
Channels, Bearish or Bullish, sometimes trouble
Channels sideways, almost always very Copasetic
Ranges, you know the kind that Shawn enjoys, not.

The attachment is a significant revision to my previously posted Laid Back Strategy.
Trading but should be common sense. You know you don't use the same type of hammer for every kind of nail.

II have re-written my Laid-Back Scalping Strategy. However, it is now much more inclusive of my trading methodology.
I want to point out that the two shortest action items are absolute without a shadow of a doubt the most important.
1. exiting a trade and 2. the postmortem analysis.

I would enjoy any constructive criticism.

Sure hope everyone has a great New Year
edited and 1st revision updated.
As an afterthought, I left out a no-trade zone.
and I think I should break this down in three succinct trades for my playbook.

Rookies Laidback Scalping.docx 26 KB
Disciplined Profit

Hey Rookie,
Love the post. Seems like your looking into my brain. Honestly I have not completely put all of my rules on paper. I'm still developing them. I have read your document 5 times. I can say at this point I am in total agreement with with the post trade analysis. I have been committed to this for the past 35 days. I'm going to go through it with a fine tooth comb this evening. I'll post my comments after.

This will be very productive for me. I will end with my own set of rules actually on paper. Thank you. I hope my feedback will help you also. I will be very honest.

Good pips.

I know this will be a break out year for me and mine. This journey through the beeline has helped me in all parts of my life.

I hope to make God III on or around Jan. 15th. All ia in line at this time.

We shall see.

Hope you have a wonderful new year and more.

Disciplined Profit

I'm going to ask you to explain or define particular parts of this. Being relatively new to this I will need some clarification. Thanks.


DP, oh yea your kewl, I thrive on commitment, bring it on.

Disciplined Profit

Ok. Here is what I have so far. 7 months in, an expert I am not.

I have developed my strategy to be both range trading and a scaled down wobble. I have success with trading in channels, whether the channel is ascending, descending, or horizontal. What I have been working on is trading only in the direction of the major trend, and only having 5-10 positions at one time. When I can pay close enough attention when the price action breaks out in the direction of the major trend I will move the TP and try to ride the winner. Of course, always using sliding stop. When profit is past original TP move the sliding stop within 5-8 pips behind. I am 4000 trades into my trading career. This finite and defined a description of my trading style is a little uncomfortable. But I know this will make me a better trader. I don’t disagree with anything in your strategy. I felt like what I was doing was intuition or instinct. Then upon reflection, I realized I was following rules. When I was successful. I first started examining my really really bad sessions, trying to wobble like Shawn, losing two or three or four times what I could gain in a week. Ouch. I was questioning whether I should try this with real money. So I put some general rules together. Spent some time in simulation. Became profitable. I break down each trading session into Average win, average loss, wining percentage, and finally expectancy. This changed everything. Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be giving you constructive criticism. Lol.

At this point in my journey the only thing I would say is, again I would combine these strategies into one. I really appreciate you sharing this. The timing for me was perfect.

Good pips.
I'll get back with more when I have more.

During your wobbling, are you putting in positions for the move in the opposite direction that your completing? For example:

Your selling, price is descending, your watching your positions take profit. At this time you are laying positions for the move in the other direction?


DP, 7 months and 4K trades, you're doing well. Soon you're going to come to the wall after you tear it down will come to the ultimate challenge, real money.

You may like the thread I did, based on listening to Jeff and his analysis of what really makes a successful trader. that said I am a visual analytical person, in school, I missed out on most of the math stuff. Recently I have watched a series of podcasts from SMB and others about how to grow. They all boil it down to your stats and various types of reviews. Keeping logs-diaries of a few types and critid=cally reviewing them. Not only by your self but your trading group and mentor. This is where I am centered on; the Charter concept. While I do have the time, I am lazy or gee I know better, not. I have learned, we need to refine the edge. You can not do that by just watching simply stats that Apiary provides, you have to open them up. ERGO you can not be random. This was just shared with me, enjoy.

So with your question, you are correct, In a basically sideways market the best description I have is standard radio waves, I can equate that to a standard deviation bell curve and return to the mean concept. Ah but that's not the end of the riddle we need to add the probability of the likelihood of the next candle vomming up green or red, a continuation or reversal?

So yes for the most part, if the PA goes that away, I go the other way. Now, what can go wrong, holey carp that is a large but quantifiable question? But doing a top-down narrow it down, when the PA brakes out the channel it's going to set a new channel. Depending on how heavy you're in the now negative trade will you survive? There in you must have the proper cash management!

As a beginner a newbee how on earth would you know that? well, maybe you learn by just taking what you here and doing it but I think most folks are not that believing to just digest the info at face value. The data we generate has a real-life value that is bankable when examined with an open mind.

That's about what I am saying, while I may seem somewhat frustrated for my effort but what have I really accomplished? I learned that being lazy with well over 100K trades doesn't work via intuition, we have to do the analysis to re-wire the brain from the biases that have been formed from life.

My POV... to date.


BTW when I came to Apiary I knew less than NADA, I am very grateful to Shawn and group,

Three years later to the date I know a little bit more than nothing, I still remember my first trade and the anguish of hitting the enter button.

While making money is always in the background my goal has always been to learn how to trade consistently profitably, all the time.

As Shwan teaches what to do after a bad day,
Its in the process.

Disciplined Profit

I have always found math to be my friend. I will watch and study and adopt what You have shared. I look forward to developing my analytical skills for reviewing my trading. This has helped me immensely of late. I'm sure you remember around October 9-11, I don't remember the exact date, GBP/USD went bullish to the tune of 400-500 pips very quickly. I was seriously on the wrong side of that. I was wobbling like Shawn. 50 positions, 35 SL. As it rose I kept thinking, oh this will turn around. I kept moving the SL on all ofthe positions. Yeah, right. Best thing that ever happened to me in Silver I. I know it was paper but being in the beeline that hurt. I will never forget the feeling and emotion while watching that price move. Every time I look at the weekly chart I can see the move. Lesson learned. Lol. When I started in June of 2019, I knew less than zero about trading. I was contemplating trading penny stocks when I ran across Apiary. When I watched the first five or six Youtube videos I was hooked. Of course I dug up everything I could on the foreign exchange. Have not looked back since.

So, I will commit to watching each video you have listed. And, as I always do, I will do a deep dive into the background and source info for all of these.

A side note. I have lately been staring each session with five or six trades on the God I simulation account. Once i get some profit moving I jump into the God II. Seems to be working. Wondering if you ever tried this.


DP I have lost track of all I have tried and endured the pain, write your biz plan, write your strategy, then do the diary-log thing, then review your trading daily, weekly and monthly.

Rex has a great class on this process Monday nights, but for whatever it's worth you can not skip the process.

Let me share a true story of just how stupid I can be to find out for my self.
Way back just over 50 years ago I was in high school and on the cross country track team as a freshman star, at least in my own mind.
One of our coaches was a gentleman named Mr. Moran, you can imagen what his subtitle was. Moving on.
Here comes this big race against the states' biggest annual winners.
In the locker room, Mr. Moron goes on the say when you get back to the track area )we had to run thru a parking lot) we don't have a key to unlock the chain, so squeeze thru the side, space whatever you do do not try to jump over the chain. Here I come passed several of the opposing runners up the hill and into to parking lot, now the chain. What do I do, the coach said, but I'm thinking that will break my stride and slow me down, I want to catch the te ahead of me. so what happened? I finished in third, I had tripped over the chain, fell into the darn gravel, got up and finished the race, Tarnished and 50 years later testifying to I had to find out for myself.

We have instructors here at Apiary that have been there, done that and paid the price.

Disciplined Profit

Thank you. On it.

Good pips.


This is one honest podcast, made on 1-24-16 and 1:11:39 long.
Very sound and realistic based decision-based trading.
This is my second listen, there is some very sound knowledge being shared here.

How to identify a trading edge & the realistic path of a trader | Adam Grimes

Disciplined Profit


Disciplined Profit

Lol. You shared that one two posts ago.


1st day back and 1st day trading with my revised rules.
I traded the NY Open from about 7:30 CST tp 9 Am CST
While today is positive so its not all bad.
Why do I say that?
the real definition to me is the process and did I follow-do my process.
The answer today is a resounding no. Why I am saying that.
1st I did not hit my daily goal or even get close to its average.
The simplest look back is with the Alveo Plot Trades to see what happened.
On the attached chart I had 6 major loses.
A few I traded against the major trend but I also lost big with a few trading with the trend.
Ergo I allowed my losers to run, The old PA will be right back.
As you can see I didn't have to close most of them, they would eventually win out.
Point is that is not what the plan called for and in taking this course of action my risk is incredibly increased.
I stopped for the day according to my rule with a modest profit and on a market swing against the trend.
It did 10 minutes later pop up and I could have made my daily, but that would have meant getting back into the market and that is against my rules.
While this is not a formal scientific review I think it is about the minimum review a traded can preform after a trading session.

The bottom line had I not allowed my losers to run, this would have been an approximately a +2% equity day.
In reviewing the Big Picture I made other errors also, I failed to properly draw and analyze the trend turned into the channel as time moved on for proper leg tradeing technique.. and On the initial set up I failed to perform a correlation check.

So the moral is to make a checklist with checkboxes before trading.

Trade well traders.

1-2 NY Open.PNG 1-2 NY Open 2 hours.PNG 1-2 The Big Picture.PNG

thanks for sharing,


YW Joe, I hope it was informative.


1st Trading Room aka war room of 2020
Shawn did a super teaching job with a lot of logical explanations of the why wobble.
Thursday, January 9, 2020
9:00 am America/Chicago

Posting so I can find it again...


Thanks for posting that ^ Rookie!


Also in reference to the just mentioned 1st trading room of the year, Nate does a very good description of finding, waiting for a tradeable setup, with an excellant monolog through the process.


thank you for the info!


Thank you all for sharing.


Since I posted my revised Method my trading hasn't progressed as anticipated. In reviewing I determined that the plan needed a greater focus. One session, a one-time frame, a small set of currency pairs to trade. Of the greatest importance the entering and exiting of a trade.

I have tested for several days for a few hundred trades and the results are promising.

Rookies Laidback Scalping Revised.docx 22.05 KB

Thank you all for sharing.


Well, it's only been two days and I am posting a newly revised plan. I have had some very valuable critique of my entry and exit definitions. Then along came Curtis's class last evening "Trading Psychology" unfortunately the re-run URL is not posted yet. However, Curtis laid out a strategy that I have failed to define properly, it is very mechanical and really the only requirement is patience...
As it turns out failing to define properly also results in failing to trade properly. Da what a surprise, if you can't define it, you do not know or understand it.

So my next issue is to actually make and fill out my daily journal, with the exception of my checkbook I am the worst, just ask the IRS...
Unfortunately, they are not as forgiving as Shawn and Ron has been thus far with my trading.

Another item I will need to address is wobbling cs this laid back scalping. I can't switch accounts every time the PA changes.

Rookies Laid-Back Scalping.docx 23.23 KB

This Curtis cast from Tuesday PM Psyco class for me was absolutely great.
One of the things I learned is why my trading plane never fits what I am trading.
In the section where Mr. C is discussing write you plan down sept by step, ! 2, 3 and so on.
Then trade the plan, simple yes, not.
My plan above in no way matches my scalping.

While it does pretty much match Mr. C's . made up a trend-following plan, it's not for trading less than a 15M chart, not sure its good for less than a 1-hour chart. However, I like the strategy and fits my antique mind so I'll rewrite it a bit and move it to long term trade testing.

Over the weekend I'll think about writing out a 1, 2, 3, etc, scalping trading plan.
The obvious goal is to refine this laid back wobble for more precise entries and exits.
In looking over the attached plot trade it certainly needs that but I have not much clue yet how to define it.

Happy Trading to all.

1-24 Lunch Time Gold Trade.PNG Gold Trade Stats.PNG

In my estimation picking the right pair is critical for the "Wobble" technique.
Criteria to consider is volatility and one may want to consider the spread.
Two pairs to look at where I have recent success is Gold & Silver..
Happy Trading!!


Thanks, Bob,
Good luck, stay small see u in G3!


Ed "The obvious goal is to refine this laid back wobble for more precise entries and exits."

mmhh, more precise entries ... instead of imprecise entries ... are you going to scale out of the Wobble? ;-)

"Another item I will need to address is wobbling cs this laid back scalping. I can't switch accounts every time the PA changes."

Understand ... would be great to be able to have simultaneous Alveo instances open.

Is that possible with the upcoming cloud based version?


Rob, that would be awesome, besides the easy of running multiple screens-session of Alveo we could like it to a site that provides real data analysis and would be easy to accomplish with a web-based platform.

But I do not know the answer.


Yes, that would be awesome, multiple instances of Alveo ... it would be great, and would open the door to great improvements, when trading demo ... and then when the time is right, your funded account, without switching.

I was just wondering why you wanted to change your Laid Back strategy to a less Wobble, just because of a technical issue? ;-)

To me it sounds a bit like not a priority reason to change a strategy, just because you can't switch fast enough between 2 accounts?

That's a sort of operational problem, but not a reason to change the strategy?

Or am I way off, as can happen? ;-)


Rob a few reasons, but mostly for statistic tracking and separating different strategies.
Just like writing the strategy worksheet and trying to definitively define step by step a how-to.
Keeping accurate records for how well a particular set of rules works or no is a real key to improvement and not flying by the seat of our pants.

In a more empirical sense if a trader can define the different nuances for their trading method(s) that trader can also define when the market changes and not just how but when to deploy a certain method.

For me its a matter of refinement. also, you can not teach or effectively teach the method if you can not define it in words.


"For me its a matter of refinement. also, you can not teach or effectively teach the method if you can not define it in words."

Teaching is the opposite of learning something ...

Are you saying that if you can't define the Wobble in words and teach it, you can't do it in daily trading life and remove it from your strategy?

The goal is to make money with trading, not to teach?


Shareing is caring.


Ed: "Shareing is caring."

It is.

I still think you shouldn't change your strategy for the reasons you provided.

Just my few thoughts to it.

Laid back should stay laid back ... with imprecise entries .. and not precise ones.

To be precise all the time is never laid back ... it can't be ;-)


So, Rob, I'm not changing my method just trying to define the worksheet fit my trading for better success and error tracking.

What I have written previously is not what I am doing. The original laid back was close but no longer.


Ok, got it.


Well got an email from my sis today, said happy bith day... da I had forgotten all about it, after all, what could be more important than trading another day...::))) yea me!!

Attached is my late NY Open trade in XAU today.

Chart 1. chart one is my TVC 1 minute chart. so I use this for my basic wobble directions.
I will point out that today Gold was a bit more volatile than usual with its elongated runs.
This does not make a wobbler a happy camper especially if the sizing is maybe a bit large.
But this session I am trying to trade with a Keven sizing and stay small.
These trades are almost all a 5TP 50 SL and all at .03 Lot.

Chart 2. the Alveo Plot trades.
I put an extra window in so the plot trader were more meaningful. Usually, I just have the 5 and 15 minutes if a slower day I would change the 15M to a 30M chart.
Notice the losses when I first started, the PA hit my get outline and I switched positional trading bias for the most part. After I had that rude awakening I was off to the races.

Using the small lot-sizing has a few advantages. Mainly when you are wrong, your not as wrong....LOL
and this is most important when you correct you have enough ammo left to correct the wrong and proceed to a profit.

Ok, so I went back to using indicators from a brief stint with naked trading.

I like the CCI when using on multiple charts you will see a change in momentum before it hits your trading. And as the parent or higher time frame rules unless something like a news event happens the cycle from the lower time frame will retune to the higher time frame.

I also put an ATR on, at the suggestion of Mr. C, however, I haven't learned to look at it very often, well not yet anyway.

I also added the factual at the suggestion of Mr. C and Mr. K, I do look at them when I am in the question mode or is this the end of the cycle. While not perfect I do like it better than pivots.

Not also the Keltner Band, it is set at the factory setting of 1 ATR, On the 5M the PA will often follow the band very closely, On the 15M chart I attempt to keep my trades within that 1 ATR.

Now depending on market swings and the cause of the swing, this works very well until it doesn't. When it doesn't you will have a breakout. And it's prudent to get small is sizing until the market settles to avoid the wonderful whipsaws.

Anyway, that's my story today and I'm sticking to it.

Have I tried this on a 4Hr? no, but considering testing it.

Happy Trading toady! enjoy the process.

1-27 TVC NY open late.PNG 1-27 NY Open late XAU Plot trades.PNG 1-27 XAU.PNG

What else can I learn from our Alveo back office about today's trading?
By looking at the graph, it shows I started a bit downward, and indeed I did, hit my close-line and rethink what I'm doing.

Looking at the stats, I would say where "is the bee"f? Not $100 bucks or 1%. But I was only trading .03 as opposed to a .05 or .06.
So how to fix and keep the lot size small? I can take more trades, or I can expend my businesses for a higher take profit by increasing the time frame and, thus, the time cycle if the market will support it, if not just scalp more.

What else the win-loss is ok, a little low for my usual but still satisfactory and may be conducive to extending the trade for higher take profits.

Next, the avg win is less than the avg loss; don't like that at all. Meaning I am holding my losers long or closing winners too soon or most likely both.

My expectancy for today was only 52 cents as opposed to the $1.00 I like to see. So adjusting the above may fix that,

What else can I do? I could lower my expectations for the new sizing.

1-27 Graph.PNG 1-27 Stats.PNG

Happy B-Day Ed. Good stats into your new trading year ;-)

I have a (maybe stupid) question. How do you merge the ATR and CCI into one indicator chart?

I only can get them on top of each other?


Rob if questions were stupid I would have been excommunicated a few years ago...
Thanks for the happy B Day.

How I do it id load the CCI and then the ATR, compress the two and save the template, then reload it and presto.

I am attaching something an Apiary trader wrote.

if you email me a .tpl I will attempt to do it and send it back to you.
or just message me your email addy and I'll send you a template with it on.
I also have one that Josef did with a double ATR on it, makes for an interesting signal.

Good luck.

A;veo Putting Multiple Indicators in One Window below in Alveo.pdf 705.04 KB

I LOVE Trading rooms and TOTS Trader on the street. So very inspirational and educational.

They just put my trading right back on track.

1-29 Trading Room & FOMC.PNG

To quote the Burton "today was a great teacher"
actually I think that can ve said of any day.
I used to get whooped a lot as a child, apparently, I miss that education these days.

Attached is my plot trades fro Gold, My EU trades were very successful however overall the day was a fail.
As I do every day, They postmortum analysis has a story to tell.

Wobbling today, I have drawn the chart into zones, In the boot, camp traders are taught when you leave one zone you close the trades or adjust the trades left in the opposite zone. Clearly I did not do that today and allowed my losers to hurt my performance.

Furter most of the losers were entered with very bad entry points and many at a fractal that was signaling a change, did I see the fractal and just ignore it, not so (it was not painted yet), CCI clearly showed a change in the cycle did I look before I hit enter, no, so haste makes waste. Thus I need to be more mindful and look before I cross the street.

and a card from Kevin's class called "The Dreaded Draw Down".

However, after all, is said and done has I observed the stop-close-risk-management rules it still would have been a successful-profitable day.

Attached is the Gold M1 trading chart and for math folks the stats column for the session which includes some EU trades.

Today.PNG todays stats.PNG the draw down.PNG

My last attempt at a strategy received a lot of valuable critiques. I also wasn't entirely happy with the range it attempted to encompass.
So needless to say I have restructured it and changed my chart patterns back to a naked S&R chart.
I attached a one-click as a supplement to my EU scalping, while the SP is 10 pip that's my safety gap, I seldom let the EU get 5-7 pips away.
And the TP of 3 Pips is for a 5 M time frame, at 1M I would be using a 2 Pip TP.
And if it were a Bullish or Bearish channel market would use a 5 Pip TP.

Happy Trading to us all!!


Other items this week on Monday the ISM Mfg PMI report has a decent surprise factor
Wednesdays ISM Non-Mfg appears to be very low key.
and on Friday the Non-Farm Employment could be a big change from the holiday by the surprise factor.

2-20-2020 New Chart Trade Plan.PNG One Click.PNG
Rookies Scalping.docx 14.9 KB

Hi Rookie
I would like to overlay a 5 period Rsi On a std 14 rsi

I have tried but I can't figure out what you mean

"How I do it i load the CCI and then the ATR, compress the two and save the template, then reload it and presto.

What does Compress mean please


TDT, attached it the write up a while back by another trader.

What I do is load the CCI and then the ATR and squish/compress the two together and save it then open again, sometimes I have to repeat the action.

IE, squish/compress I pull them down to the very bottom of the chart.

A;veo Putting Multiple Indicators in One Window below in Alveo.pdf 705.04 KB

Thanks Rookie I have been trying that but it hasn't worked squishing them

so I have now tried the way described by JJ in the Pdf and that has worked (Thank you JJ)

Unfortunately even though it is now overlaying it is still not what I need as I need the 5rsi to get it's data
from the 14rsi (the previous indicator like we can in Mt4)
Maybe the code can be tweaked a bit further but it is beyond my understanding how

Thanks for your help


YW TDT, thanks for the feedback, I can't help with the code but u might want to try this guy,


Thanks for the heads up Rookie but I'm aware of him as he is already working on a Testing Ea for one of my methods


Well, day #1 of my new plan-focus. Monday may not be a fair test as it is usually a trending day.
One day does not make a legend but it does make one feel better.
Getting off to a late start today I entered the market about 1:15 AM CT, or 15 minutes after the NY open.
Checking out the market and seeing, as usual, I slept through a great nite of trading that I missed out on but not to be dismayed. I noticed light news and a good deal of correlation in the market. Say to self how am I going to scalp this and reliably make a few pips.
My decision was to use a higher time from 15M for entries and 1H for direction. Mide you this as danger attached to it in the Y open as a trend for the day has not been set yet. Ok, so I'll keep the targets low at 10 pips and the TP moderate according to the pair traded, 10 pips for EU types and 20 Pips for GBP types. And as the cycle is likely to change in less than 1-1.5 hours use the correlations to my advantage with multiple trades. However, keeping the lot size low at .03 and .04.

This is and was working well then unexpected company shows up that requires my attention.... so I let my trades run a bit and close the rest out. That is my first image attached.

Ok, now 1-1.5H later and company left. I board what m am I going to do now? Is there any doubt...:)
Back to trading only thins time the market while still very much trendy it has these short cycle waves added to it, I check out gold and its cycle appear to be a little more hourly orientated. Meaning I might be able to get 5-10 pips in per swing. As it turns out this was an ok choice. Hence the second image attached a continuation of the first.

As an afterthought, this trading while technically scalping was very relaxed and laidback, unfortunately, it didn't exactly follow my new latest and greats rules somewhere in the middle.


2-3 NY open.PNG 2-3 Ny Open back in.PNG

day #2, I have one account with the risk limits are cut by 50%, (1% and 2.5%) this account has done more to train me to close losers than most everything else. I have also reduced my risk tolerance accordingly. Currently, its balance after today is down to $8700 so its not all that bad... but I traded poorly in it today and did not follow my channel rule. I paid the [rice and closed out at my risk tolerance.

Ok back to my regular account and the trading room. So I had a cup of coffee and renewed my mind. Its time for the Trading Room! Yea. I trade the hour with Shawn and EU, with a few XAU trades on the side. Bad move I was hitting my EU buys in that one stretch and hit XAU buy but in fact, is was XAU, not good that's against a strong bearish trend, -100 pips later I had released it... Lesson learned look before you hit or close the extra window.

Fortunately, I was able to trade for another 30 minutes and make my pips/equity back. Didn't use the fix-it mode jus regular wobbling.

2-4 2 hours .PNG

Good recovery to end the day positive.



Thanks, Allen. I appreciate the post/comment.


Question- How do you access closed order stats spreadsheet?


So I keep a small orders box open to count losses in a row quickly, but if you do not, go to the top bar of Alveo and move over just the orders tab to the orders history tab and open the dropdown. Then right-click about anyplace on the history sheet and choose the export feature. I save mine to the desktop but excel will remember where it puts the new file.

Orders Tab.PNG Orders History.PNG

Well, my goal for the week was 1K pips, why? Because that's what I lost last week...
As of today 9:30 AM CT I hit 1,193.60 green Pips! and the good news is there are two trading days left.

So I also made a change to my plan after Monday's tradeing but haven't posted that yet, I'll try to get it don't this weekend.

Today went well, I had a few losers the largest of which is 10 pips but most were 5 pips.
traded XAU exclusively, mostly with a 4 pip target at a .06 Lot.

The plot trade attachment appears to not show all the trades because I take two trades at a time quickly and the get overlapped.
Looking closely at the chart I see a big room for improvement in my entries. I have to give that deeper thought on using the PA pivot-fractal or even specifying the specific candle setup.

Reviewing the Apiary stats page, I sure wish we could input the number of trades to have it report on or simply a date range. However, it shows a very tight cluster of the trades duration. That said I help some the trades way too long.

Overall, it was a good day to trade.

Enjoy the ride.

2-5 NY Open Plot Trades.PNG 2-5 NY Open Stats Page.PNG 2-5 NY Open Trade Stats.PNG 2-5 NY open.PNG

Great stuff. I have a lot to learn but I love what I'm reading!


Thx coyle

This attachment is the same plot trade from above but larger for more definition and marked up, this was my 1st time using paint 3d, so don't laugh too hard my drawing may improve at least that's the theory.
The purple indicates trade with really bad entries.
The yellow pencil circles indicate where I should have been entering.

overall, I think I was rewarded in part for not very good trading, at least in the first 3/4ths of the session.
So I also learned to when you save the plot trade, I use paint or paint 3d, and open in in the regular window viewer you can use the microscope to get a micro view and still be able to pull the chart around to view specific sessions. This really intensifies the good, bad and ugly. Just a thought for every session and count how many good versus how many bad. It could be a very useful metric over time for improvement.

20-5 XAU NY Open Plot Trades Ver2.PNG

Takes a good bits of guts to Wobble that out with Gold ;-)

Well done!


Thanks, Rob not sure "brave" is the correct word, but from my POV its all about risk management.

I almost blew it at the beginning of the trade with a substantial drawdown when the PA parted. Obviously I do not in advance it was going to be quite so dramatic however my poorly time entries cause the anxiety of "The Dreaded Dwardown".

Not on the right 1.2 of the chart where most of the trades were placed there was seldom more than a 1% risk and my positions were well within the max of a 50% availability.


Yes, good trades.

When you look at the trade setup on hindsight, you overall traded a very nice consolidation area, with good risk management, as you said.

The smaller boxes I draw in your screenshot, that is a good job letting price getting back to get them out in profit.

I think I would have peeled them off beforehand ;-)

Nice trades, good plots.

ed wobble session.jpg

O me, O MY, whats a dumb trader to do. Today's tale of woo and greed.
5:00 AM CT check out the market, not delighted everything is overbought or oversold. So there is either going to be a big change or everything will fo sideways. Check out the news, what news...LOL, nothing here to really move the market.

Ok cautiously start trading, make a few pips lose a lot of pips make some back.
7 AM down 100 pips and time for class with Mr. C. Great learning class for me and at 8 Am I'm not up 44 pips and .07% equity.
9 AM and Trade Room time, cruising along making a pip here and their and boom Spike a ding-a-thing,
Down 5 trades at 50 PIP stops...
Such a greedy deal.

10:30 or so up 325 pips and 1.25%, ok not a bad recovery.
waiting impatiently for my last few bullish trades to hit the next cycle and close the market goes a little south.
No me 1st really bad judgment was entering into 5more trades heading south against the day's trend. Remember at 10 AMCT the volume is gone and the market settles into a trend for the rest of the day. Figuring I have tome for 5 PIPS NP close and let the market run north.
Well, it did just that, retraced a tad and went north was the P currently resides. So what the problem my few trades did not close and left about 20 pips open in total drawdown.
Knowing I want my bullish trades closed now about -100 pips in drawdown, I'm thinking (this is my next big mistake) well PA will come back... not.

So because of my greed in not closing a few pips for a loss. I lost my +1.25% and now down -1.75% on the day.
But hay there is a + 18 PIPs. or about -175 bucks..... bad day in black rock

Plot trades attached, entries much improved, got caught in two spikes and a really greedy moment.
Equity block.

2-6 NY Open Plot Trades.PNG 2-6 greed ended.PNG

Short term trading is all very well if you wish to be stuck to your screen all day. Some people love and thrive on it. I find it too stressful and annoying. The rewards can be great but it takes a hell of a lot out of you and does not let you be active and staying fit.


today was a long day, but usually its less than 3 hours


Hi Rookie ...What happened to your neat Avatar on a bike

also I can't figure out how those stats show Plus 18 pips and a loss of -1.23% ?


TDT here is the before and after, was tradeing Gold with a .06, my 5 open trades open shorts and wobble up a bullish marching trend,
I should have closed out. my 5 open when I was at about 20 pips with them but had a brain fart and was sidetracked on Skype. Any way loss went up to about 400 pips came back a little and as soon as the drawdown in pips was less than my pips today I closed up the process. So that left a few hundred in fees.

As for the avatar no clue, I will check it out.

the attached, are two accounts I traded this evening.
the first at & PM CT and then I looked and said da, and switched accounts
The second is the correct account and when I looked at the PIPs it was a da, where is the beef,
my lot size was like .01 so the last few trades I moved it back to a .06 and it helped a bit, but not enough to replace the morning equity loss.

then whiched accounts to correct act..PNG da wrong account.PNG

TDT, I don't normally scalp at night, preferring sleep... but I traded a bit this evening because I didn't want to start tomorrow in the hole from today. And while I have to rationalize a bit from the two account error in the above post I'm ok with that.
So Jeff's class is over now and I closed out my remaining trades so this is where I will start in the NY Open.

Enjoy the process and the early news 7:30 CT could be volatile.

USD Average Hourly Earnings m/m ? 03% 0.1%
USD Non-Farm Employment Change ? 163K 145K
USD Unemployment Rate ? 3.5% 3.5%

2-6 bed time.PNG

Yes, best trading day, first Friday of the month ... NFP's, always look forward to some action ;-)

Good luck ... sorry, no.

Good process!


Thx Rob, This time my plan is if I trade early to close prior to the news, wait until after the whipsaws if any.. and then get in.
Really getting tired of big drawdowns.

Jeff's box system works pretty well but I never get the spacing correct.


My oh so humble NFP trades today. Good for around 40 pips

Nothing to write home about, but next month again! ;-)

NFP 6th of feb 2020.jpg

I also faded the EUR long direction today, not the NFP itself, but the price actions after NFP, got out quite alright too.


Rob, methinks that's a good trade! It's all green! what more needs to be said except maybe you don't go broke going to the bank, :))
Thing is you traded well and traded your consistent plan, that's about as good as it gets in my book. Congrats.

For NFP or what is usually news with a decent whipsaw, I trade it quite differently than most. Today I was fortunate enough to earn 129 Pips and no losses. While I like Jeff's boxed method it's not for me because I am basically opposed to hedging. I also tried the trade multiple pairs at the same time method again not for me for news trading.

Today I picked Gold because of that what I have been tradeing. In hindsight is you traded Silver even modestly you could have made enough money for the entire year. But many pairs moved well.

What I do and maybe it's a little unorthodox. Also, I did not do this today because I said I was going to wait for the whipsaw to move back toward the mean and daily trend. Well, I lied. When I saw the DXY and Gold moving opposite from a standstill at the mean on the daily range I said whip coming and placed a few trades just prior to the spreads going nuts. These are bullish for the major trend and small in TP, Around 10 pips if I think I would place sets of layers. But I'm trying to eliminate thinking from my trading. Thnk is my new 4 letter word. Today I placed I think 4 trades with a 5P TP and a 100 P SL. My theory is the whip will opposite the day trend and return. SO I would have a drawdown for the whip but on the return being made whole. In this case on the retune I added a few 10 pip bullish trades once the PA crossed the mean. There was a small whip back again and then back to the daily trend.

What I have done previously is place several smaller trades say 5TP and 10 even 25P TP on both sides to catch the whipsaw. This is very successful and yields a great result. But I'm working on a new mantra and overlooked this in favor of being conservative. I almost succeeded until the last 5 minutes.

So I was a bit excited for the day and week after the news and stopped trading because of my spring-like emotions... and Gold kept going, you have no idea how difficult that is for me to sit on my hands and watch the market move in my direction. But the fear of loss AKA survivorship is so strong after so many losses and already have a dumb day yesterday going from +1.5% to -1.75% I was spent.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Attached is my Equity bar for the day which includes last night's trades. I had 101 trades of which about 10 were this NFP and is equal to .60% of the equity growth, I used a .06 lot for the NFP.

Also attached is my NFP Plot Trades

2-7 Equity Bar.PNG 2-7 NFP Plot Trades.PNG

My Trades for today.

2-7 Equity Bar.PNG 2-7 Plot trade & NFP.PNG 2-7 Apiry Back Office Stats.PNG 2-7 Alveo Closed Trade Stats.PNG

Week review

2-2 to 2-7 Alveo Week Closed Trade Stats.PNG Pips Today-month Block.PNG

I have to say, following your trades this week, you really Wobbled a LOT ;-)

That's one thing I guess really clicked and switched for me the past few weeks.

I've been very focused on the Wobble itself and trying to figure it out, ignoring other strategies.

But now I fully understand, it's the opposite, the Wobble is there for other strategies ...

And then I start to see how it can or could be applied.

You always have been on the path to combining the Wobble with your other strategies ... and now I see it ;-)


WoW, I'm humbled,
yes I have had a good week, and yes I have always been looking to take the best from this and that
it is just recently that I am obtaining some semblance of order.
What has helped a lot was to compare my plan to my actual plot trades. As I said above I still need to do another revision.
However, my learning needs to take another leap yet in the entry category and my overall follow my plan, minute by minute.
Hak, was great when I was a real newbee, lead me around the various videos and thread like a librarian and always had the right challenge thought question.
You and I had fun with the Shawn thread in the early pages.
Jeff, I get PA insight and mind-blowing stretchiness
Shawn Obviously the wobble but more importantly the one-click and the importance of the process, session in and session out.
Norma, the CCI my cutting of losses and much solid support over time.
Curtis chart reading and of late a mathematical method of reading support and resistance in any time frame.
Brain, most recently the once you find the momentum, scale it quickly.
Rex very laid back but to the point risk management scaling.
Kevin is in my opinion Apiary's most improved trader and a great instructor of entering highs and lows on any time frame.
Todd, id like a month hen with pullback momentum.
Ron and the team a great deal of forgiveness.
Allen, steadfast maintenance of rules.
I'm sure there is a myriad of others after all its a patchwork.

I am blessed with the Apiary opportunity as we all are, I post a lot in an effort to try and help teach with some of my trail and error. It's my way of giving back and release.

My focus for classes going forward is;
Shawn and the wobble
Jeff to expand my thinking, no I will never catch up to his but that's ok.
Curtis to help perfect my entries and exits.
Keven just because I like the way he trades.
Risk Management and Trade management is a matter of postmortum analysis.

Anyway, thank you for your kind words and for reading my thread.

BTW Nates most recent Baseball game is awesome,
If you stop and think about a flat world chart it is only 2 dimensional, length and width, time and price.
Price and Time Cycles - With Nate Allred


great Stuff Rookie

And yes now I get it (the how did you get Plus 18 pips and a loss of -1.23% ?) Thanks for clarifying


Above I indicated I needed to further refine my plan, I have done this on Friday then after this review two more times.

As Allen has sternly stated, there is only one objective of tradeing, to make money

The equity = Homework phase, postmortum analysis.
So I had a fair week of tradeing so it would appear. As always the detail is in the ingredients.
I first did some basic stats on Fridays trades. See attachment called sizing
Considering Alveo said I was up 1.70% I was a lot dismayed.
Next, I went to our Apiary back office, While this is the last 1K trades the left first 150 were from the previous week so there is a small distortion. I sure wish we could set a date or number of trades on this page. And again I was even more dismayed. See the last 100 stats.
Does this call for a little deeper dive into what's going on here? Well, certainly I'm not a happy camper with the expectancy.
The SS Stats is the culmination of the spreadsheet look into, granted its only basic but that the limit of my spreadsheet skills.
Now comes the very dangerous part, thinking. What does the analysis say and just as important what are my options then as we all know the life or death decision, ugg what to change if anything?
1st out of 850 trades there were only 22 outside my 10 pip stop loss that can certainly be easily remedied.
At the end of the day, my average pips per trade were low. That can be improved by honoring my SL loss rule.
It wasn't until Tue or Wed that I started on a quest for an average pip per trade of 5 or great. In the last days of tradeing, I did achieve that. especially if I remove the 5 outliers of the agreed decision.
I also observed that I had a few trades that were not gold, they did not skew the figures much because the ratios stayed mainly the same. This is easy to fix, only trade one pair exclusively in this account.
Based on my daily plot trade analysis my entries have consistently improved every day of this period.
Other options;
adjust sizing, up, not good as that could increase risk,
Increase the time frame traded to 15M from 5M to have slightly higher targets, this idea has merit to me and also the negative is my lack of patience.
Changing to a different pair would make little if any difference because I use the one-click to set up my risk management.
I could increase my layering to a pyramid scaling at each S or R level. This has appeal to me also.
The bottom line is my trading works so I do not want to make any serious changes and only one change so I have a decent idea of the metrics after one more wee of trades.
So I have decided not to change my sizing.
I will continue to work on improving my entries.
I will work to extend the target from 5 TP to 10TP. Continuing to use the 5M for entries but using the 1H for the target selection.
One item I was we had more data on is some of our instructor's tradings. We see a lot of pips and equity bars around 2%, usually 85-90% win ratios, Well that looks a lot like my trading. SO I'm wondering what the expectancy is on their trades.
Shawn says don't worry about the money just the process the money will come later. yep got that, only took 3 years.
Ok and recently I have observed a trade that started about the same time is me, who has a very low expectancy. This trader came here with years of inconsistent experience and well versed in the loss category. Was recently advanced to level 3 funded account. My hat goes off to that trader for learning a consistently profitable process.
So thanks for helping me walk thru this, I sure would like a few other opinions.

sizing.PNG last 1000 stats.PNG Ed SS Stats week of 2-2.PNG
Week of 2-2 thru 2-7.xlsx 278.47 KB

Eds trading improvement targets.
weekly bullet point for 2-9 thru 2-14
continue to improve entries with HH-HL and LL-HL method.
stop trading in no trade zones
maintain stop loss integrity
increase take profit target from 5 pips to 10 pips
Learn to use PC and TC as taught by Nate.
The clip is from Annie Duke's book Thinking in Bets.


Learning to play connect the dots

connecting the dots.PNG

Just a note about the imp[rovement targets, made the minor adjustment to my plan and bingo, was able to consistently hit my 10 Pip Target.

So after I finished up tradeing today with Shawns TOTS closed all trades as it 10 am CT and I'm done for the day.
I lied, watched Shwans Fib retracement cast, great by the way a full of Shawns tips.

So said I need to test this, it's now noon and volume is basically non-existent.
Chose the GU and XAUUSD to test. Placed trades.
The Gold in three layers and the GU in one layer. I went and did a few chores, came back in 90 minutes.
Closed the GU trades as they didn't move 1 Pip either way.
Did trade analysis and done for the day.

See attached for details.
1, The setup.
2 the plot trades
3. The closed trades
4 the equity bar.

Enjoy the process.

learning to use the retracement fibs.PNG Gold Fibo Plot trades.PNG Gold Fibos.PNG Fibo Trade Equity Bar.PNG

So I thought a good method to compare performance on a smaller equity account. Shawn talks about making more than $173 in an hour which is more than what the average American worker makes in one day. So if you take 173/50000 = .00346 as a comparative multiplier then if you are trading in an equity account of say $2500 that would be .00346 x 2500 = $8.65. Comparatively then you our performed the average American worker.


Josep, that is a great come and can really help many like me set the proper perspective.
Thanks for the post.



"then if you are trading in an equity account of say $2500 that would be .00346 x 2500 = $8.65. Comparatively then you our performed the average American worker."

The Hamilton challenge comes to mind ;-)


I hope ll of us have had a good day trading. Alveo stumbled a few times but turned out to be nothing major however it did give me some concern for a few minutes with open trades and the market have fun.

The chart I'm posting from TVC is how I view trades while they are unfolding. I draw the same lines in Alveo but on a higher time frame chart.

Enjoy the process.

XAUUSD today.PNG 2-14 plot trades.PNG

ISO easy strategy


Fair well good thread, today I have decided to close out my thread.
Why you may ask? primarily I started this thread with a strick view to short term tradeing of a 15 minute time frame or less utilizing a laid back scalping method of the wobble.

I have concluded the wobble needs a higher degree of skill than I have to deal with all the market variables. Shawn is great and his wobble is superior to what more can be said.

However, as well as I do with a sideways market it levels me in the dust when the market breakout. My issue is my mind is committed and simply at this level of my market maturity will not adjust to the change and I am left occasionally relying on "hopeum". Note that I mind that so much but I really hate big huge losses. Actually it is not just the ego deflation it's also the days or weeks it takes to make that loss back that is my killer. I have a solution for this particular trade problem but whatever reason I get committed and I can't seem to let go.

So I'm moving on. See you in my next thread.

Enjoy the process.


Well, this week I moved back to my laid back scalping, we ave had some decent moves in the market to take advantage of.
Today was a good day and double my daily target of 1%.

Thought I would share this chart I traded off today, Note the great legs and then the shrinking Highs and lows keeping a channel trade very consistent however ever tighter in today's action.

Enjoy the process.

3-4 TVC NYOpen Gold Trade 3M Chart.PNG 3-4 NYOpen Gold Plot Trades.PNG

Today 3/5 trading room from 9 AM T to 10:30 AM CT

This market gave me some issues and stress from hold scalps beyond a reasonable risk level.
The only reason I was able to get positive equity, is because, in the end, I did 2-3 sets at a full .10 lot sizing.

I have to get over my insistence upon winning at all costs.
AND accept those closing losers when needed is, in reality making a good trade.

Enjoy the process.

3-5 1M EU Trading Room.PNG 3-5 TVC EU Trade Room.PNG 3-5 Trading Room Equity Bar.PNG