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RSI and Stochastic

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RSI and Stochastic

SO these have become some of my favorite indicators. The default period for each RSI and Stochastic is 10. Is there any one that has found that another period works better for them?

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 2:08pm

8:3:3 low/high However I don't know how to load this on Alveo . I have to keep referring to my MT4 platform as I cant get the right look.
Does anyone know if it is possible to change the setting to Low/High?

royboy50315 can change your stochastic settings by clicking on D-period...K-period...and slowing


Thanks . I have done that. The Low/High setting appears to be missing


chilton.nj...I guess I don't know what you mean by low/high setting


See Attachments, place Stoc on your chart open it and go to the selection by opening the inside tab.

Same for RSI and most APiary indicators.

Stoc.PNG Stoc types.PNG stoc modes.PNG

Hi martina… I agree Alveo doesn't offer the high/low price option, i.e. the true stochastic. I suspect they may be defaulting to that under the hood, because it seems to match the MT4 version visually. Also, the price options do not appear to be functioning anyway, because if you put 2 on a chart, and vary the price option on one, it doesn't change. Probably some boilerplate code in the template they used when creating the indicator. Ed


chilton.nj… sorry I responded to the wrong person... regarding your high/low question, I was able to check the Alveo source code and they do indeed plot the close relative to the highest high and lowest low as it should be. It also looks like they ignore any Price Type setting.