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Scale out Profit

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Scale out Profit

Does any one know how to scale out profit on a trade? Any help would be appriciated.

Sat, 09/21/2019 - 10:20am

Since you can do both, buy and sell (hedge) on a single pair within the Alveo platform I do not believe there is any way to scale out of a single trade. However there is a way around this. For example, If you typically make one trade at a single lot size, then scale in or place 10 individual trades, each a mini lot size (.10) so you can scale out of them in as many increments as you would like until your position is completely liquidated.


I, too, scale out by placing multiple small trades (i.e. .01, .02, etc.) at the same time. It's easier to do if you activate your "One Click Trading" on your chart.