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Scalp trading

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Scalp trading

Trading breakouts

Date: 03/14/2019

Symbols: EUR/USD

The pair was in an uptrend at H1, but downtrend at D1.
I noticed a breakout at the resistance 1.13372. A downtrend started at H1, followed by a reversal and another uptrend.
The trend reversed again and another bearish price movement started at the resistance 1.13261, confirmed by the HMA,
opportunity to enter short positions.
Entry point: I look at 1M and 5M timeframes, the downtrend is confirmed by the HMA and the Stochastic.
I enter short positions at 1.13172, Scalp trading
My last position closed at 1.3043.

Total profit: 39 pips

Thu, 03/14/2019 - 12:49pm

Great job, I like your strategy!!! I scalp trade1Mn & 5Min as well, but get my entry's more from looking at pin bar candle sticks signaling a reversal, and stochastic divergence on the 5 & 15 Min Charts agreeing with the pin bars. It has worked out for me in the long run, and usually price will turn and honor the signal, but since my entry's are usually counter to the current trend, I've had more than my share of nail-biting as I watched the price move hard against my position further than is comfortable, before it turns and honors the pin bars and divergence. I'm going to try to add your HMA & stochastic alinement with the pin bars and divergence and see if I can reduce the nail biting, : )

Have A Great Day !!!


Good luck!


EUR/USD: the pair is currently in an uptrend at H1, above the previous resistance.


agreed the uptrend is slow, but moving up to 1.1260


EURUSD 1.128


Oops... cmegroup changed outlook to 1.1265... :D


Well that's officially tested. Futures prices CAN NOT and do not predict the future intraday forex.


In fact, sadly Futures prices seem to just hover at a constant 15 pips on top of any forex spot price. So why call it Futures market? Absolutely ridiculous.


I have a question on that the future dollar moves up and down and effects the other currencies on every move
can one tell me when the dollar moved .51 cents today or +39% and the GBP dropped <0.35% & the EUR dropped
<0.42% this strong dollar controls all of the major currencies?


It moved today with the news, CDT time zone.

8:59am USD Richmond Manufacturing Index

9:00am USD New Home Sales

The USD index is mostly made up of the major currencies.


I scalp on the M1 and M5 using higher time frame chart for trending. My strategy is simple using Price and the Bollinger Bands. My day begins identifying Support and Resistance levels which are guides for my entries and exists along with the Bands. Since I am retired, this has become my daily routine which I thoroughly enjoy. I am in Silver 3 and ready for Gold 1.


Yes and excellent Banker's Close presentation monday by Curtis Cooper.

I'm sure he will orthodoxically insist 7:30 and 8:30 (PST) at most two times a week is it's threshold,
but still I am compelled to tweak it's ability to work as a daytrading strategy.


But I prefer a hybrid of Kevin Pyne's technique and Shawn Lucas' technique of using Ichimoku on M5 and M1 to identify trend. Then use rsi to scalp/wobble in that direction. Photo attached.

Kevin uses Ichimoku cloud to exit as well as enter.

2019-04-24 09_43_05-Alveo.png

Hiiing Gold 2 pre-funded $1000 account makes me trade EUR/USD. Thank you guys, I am picking up some ideas for the pair in this discussion,


EUR/USD: the pair is currently in an uptrend towards the previous resistance 1.1245 at H 1.


I will trade by looking at the 5 minute direction and then go to the 1 minute chart to jump in.. I will look at the rsi to also jump in

jo n

Yes, I replace macd with rsi and this has worked better for me for short term trades


CCI set to a 5 period is much sharper than the MACD and it is not bounded.


I look at M5 for a price direction change up when H1 is in demand (support) or down when it is in supply (resistance) with target on the next demand or supply. This works very well when you are doing it right.


This is such a great description of a simple strategy. Find the overall trend, then buy/sell at support/resistance based on that trend. Thank you!


Hi everyone I have been doing the simulated for about a month and a half and having fun


Hello everyone. I have been trading a few years now with mediocre success, I decided to join the Apiary fund and I am learning a lot of new things. I really like the Alveo platform. I'm still learning how to use it proficiently.


tuca the real key to Apiary is cash management learning, consistently, relentlessly, day in and day out, profitable.


waiting on EUR/USD to really change direction and start trending downward


I am currently trading EUR/USD. I looked at h2, h4 charts as I am looking for rather a long term trade


I am currently trading EUR/USD. I looked at h2, h4 charts as I am looking for rather a long term trade


not sure its time yet, but watch out for the news tomorrow!


I am waiting for the EUR USD to make a move...hope fully are very quiet today


Yes markets are quiet that means it is easy to trade Ranges by scalping