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For security reasons


For security reasons

Any and every one knows why a firewall is important - why trust your million dollar trading account to a Walmart router???

If your technically unchallenged  try this security solution for your TRADING HARDWARE and internet networked toys. othewise hire the kid next door to set this up for you.

It's a FREE - OPEN SOURCE - Professional - Industrial grade Firewall you can setup on any spare pc you have laying around. 

IMO - the Best security is the one you are in control of and not Netgear or Cisco or Apple or Vegetable, etc etc etc think about it


 or at bare minimum stop using the default passwords on your networking equipment - router/modems/etc. specially if issued by your ISP or anyone you don't know.

 fyi - i have zero affiliations with any of the sites or tools i post about.  i just share for sharing. paying it forward.

Sat, 12/06/2014 - 4:02pm

Having a decent firewall is a good start, but one should implement security in layers.

If any data (e.g. pictures, music, personal finance records, etc) is important enough to save, then it should be important enough to back up too. I'd strongly recommend that one get at least 2 cheap USB keys/drives, and make it a point to back up ones files regularly. Store one at home, and store one off-site (i.e. in one's pocket, in a safety deposit box like at a bank, at a friend/relative's place, etc). After all, a thief could break in and steal one's computer and anything else that he/she could snatch and grab quickly. Or fire or natural disaster could strike rendering one's computer and on-site USB useless. Either way, as traumatic as those experiences might be at least one would have some comfort knowing that one can recover most--if not all--of one's important data.

Any data that's worth saving and backing up should be important enough to regularly check for defects. I'd strongly recommend that one get some file-integrity checking software (i.e. TripWire, AFICK, etc), and use it scan one's files on the computer regularly. It's also a good practice to periodically check the integrity of the files on one's backups too to avoid issues like bit rot.

And for bonus points, . . . one should encrypt any data that one doesn't want any prying eyes to see. Doing that most likely won't stop a determined computer cracker, but it will slow down and/or discourage most others from attempting to access that data.


One can also make use of Google Drive or Dropbox to keep their Alveo Profiles and templates handy - copy your C:\Users\?????\Documents\Alveo folder to a private spot in your cloud storage.

Granting the ability to share profiles amongst many devices is one benefit.

Also put a copy of your backups in the cloud too...

Donald Schnell

Great stuff JF and Hak!


Thank you JF and hakchinoy.
Need this


thanks it is something I often over look