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Seeing Price with Cross Hairs

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Seeing Price with Cross Hairs

While learning to use Alveo I've noticed that although I can see prices [X & Y] with mouse control but not with cross hairs.
I know the old joke: Dr. it hurts when I do this...then don't do this!

But, I like to use cross hairs to extend the line to look at supports & resistance. I see that the C H's don't give price.
This comes in extremely handy when setting buy & sell orders with TP & pilot, if you will.

Am I missing a setting for this? Is it available to have the cross hairs track the price?

Tue, 01/08/2019 - 2:05pm

Unfortunately not that I have found. Email support for a sure answer however. Good hunting!


Hi Rob,

Alveo don't have those facilities, I also like to look at price and time on the cross hair.

I asked the support about it and they said the facilities are not with Alveo but you can get a data window by click arrow instead of cross you will but the data window.