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Self Funding


Self Funding

Is there an option to also self-fund an account?

At the moment I have another service I use to trade a live account with my own money, but now I'm trading Apiary it would be easier if I could trade on a single system rather than mirroring my trades on different accounts.

Mon, 06/29/2015 - 4:57am

The beauty of Apiary is that its NOT your money. There is no option for self funding, you can go to any FX broker for that option - not particularly unique.

Manuel C

I made that question already There's no way to have your own funded account into Apiary.
How do you mirror your trades? Is against an MT4? Do you use a software or you do it manually?


I've been doing it manually, but would rather not as it is just another thing that could go wrong. I trade mostly a 5min chart and the market has abrupt moves.
I'm not surprised Apiary is not structured to handle other people's money. I just kept thinking it would easier for me to trade through the vetting process if it did. Might make a bit of money while qualifying for a funded account. But it's OK, I'll live.