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Serious Frustration!

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Serious Frustration!


I placed two orders yesterday morning to do my 25-5-24 I only have two left to I woke up this morning to see how they were doing and watched them jump from 36 pips to 60 pips....

20 mins before I can close them, in horror I watched them plummet to 0 


So you new bees, don't get discouraged it will happen, but I promise you will have some degree of frustration. I have found watching the charts go up and down is like being on the back of a bull waiting for the 8 second buzzer to sound LOL

Wed, 03/02/2016 - 12:10pm
Eliezer D. Andino



That is frustrating! I learned that I am not one that likes to hold a trade for that long. That particular task drove me up the wall.


Whats weird about it though is in 24+ hours it's where it started


Yup I hear you Keith, I am not liking it at all. BUT I may have come up with a new strat out of it.....after the 24's are done I am going to test it to see how it works, I wont have to hold for that long and can close when I want.

Had I been able to close when it was up at 60 pips and used my strat idea I could have been up 100+ pips


And on that note...BAM they both jumped back up!


Congrats! I am glad they worked out. I see you moved to Silver 2 with that as well. Congratulations on both. Always nice to move up another level.


thanks bkeith


I'd like to share another variant of frustration. I have only one goal to meet to progress to GOLD I !!
I have to have more winning trades than loosing trades in the last 20 trades. Sounds simple right?

Here is my distribution of my last 20 trades starting with my latest trades:

4 wins, 10 losses, 6 wins. 10:10

So on the surface it appears I need only one win to make it, Nooooooo. When I get one win it kicks out the oldest win so I still remain at 10:10. Therefore I need to rack up a minimum of 7 wins in a row to reach 11:9. And while doing that maintaining my average win greater than my average loss over the past 20 wins and losses. The chances of going backwards looms large.

The only way to make it in through without going backwards is to make 7 winning trades in a row that are also greater than the average losses of the 10 losing trades in the middle. I need to have an average win of 8 pips minimum. Certainly doable.

It's going to be a long night ha ha. I promised myself I would reach GOLD this week, So I got to trade smart. Great practice indeed and I think this is all good :)


Good Luck edbernard I hope you make it =)


New to Forex, and Apiary, I hope that this isn't to difficult. I manage my own 403B and my 401A I am also a stock investor, so I hope that I can make this work. Since I love the idea of making money using someone else's. Any advice on how I should proceed would be helpful.

Thank You.


Watch all the videos, read all the documents, and then rinse and repeat. Find a strategy that fits you and make it your own

OH and you WILL get frustrated....don't give up


I met my goal for today and reached the Gold I level. I had to keep track of my averages as well as the 20 trade pipeline to make sure I made no mistakes. Especially as I had to get away from my computer while trades were active. I did have a couple of setbacks like reversals while I was away but was able to get back on track.

In the process I lost over 60 pips but ended up with a positive 60 pips profit for the day. Hence my pip win to loss ratio was about 2:1. I think these last two sentences describes graphically the type of end game I had with Silver III. I think I know how to make pips as a matter of routine. My challenge will be to keep my losses low.

I will reveal that in Gold I there are no unusual trades to make. Just the basics. More winning trades than losing trades. Average of winning trades > Average of losing trades. And the total number of trades that is tallied to compute these results has increased. I won't say what that number is because I don't want to spoil the surprise to those who are on their way here.

Gold I is going to be a whole lot of fun!!


Congratulations for making it ti gold!! Well done. I'll see you there soon:)


good advice jimtaylor!
congratulations edb


Grats on the Gold I edb =)


im having same prob. cant seem to get the hang of long trade. too hands on. ill take the profit if i see it slipping away. ill keep trying. jim


Thanks to Golden bees for valuable insights.


I've been there deep in the waters of frustration, but I love trading too much to ever give up. Eventually, you will refine your habits and knowing when to place trades and when to stay out will be a big game changer!