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Server Disconnected

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Server Disconnected

Well dang! After being disconnected all afternoon with not much happening anywy; the server came back up. Then as there was some movement, we got the 1700 EST update and the server is dowm again. Damned hard to get these stats up when you can't trade!!!!!!!!!!!

Mon, 11/05/2018 - 5:27pm

Does it seem that Alveo is malfunctioning every day. It sure seems to me that is the case!


Keep in mind New York session ends at 22:00 GMT so that's about the time price really doesn't move much anyway for a while until Tokyo session opens at 23:00 GMT. Sydney is only session open between 22:00 and 23:00 GMT, but not much going on then.

So this is usually the time Alveo is off line, and you can't trade. It's okay, nothing is happening anyway.


Alveo just changes liquidators every day at that time.


Takes a few minutes to set up and you are off to the races. And free if you want it to be... Win-Win!

As far as liquidity issues go however- you are on your own. Note which error you are getting... this is not a panacea.


do they try to make us contract the VPS???


Im getting disconnected from server pretty much every day ever since a week and a half ago, as well as a friend of mine. usually it will say cannot reach liquidity provider please try again later. is anyone else having this problem who has a VPS? i don't use VPS yet and im wondering if i will be needing one for consistent connection


I have a VPS @ Amazon ... same issues

It's just a nightmare, right into starting the week again.


it's Veteran's Day in US, so may not have anyone in office for a while


this happens with live\real accounts also ??
And its always before major moves,this time G J fell from 8.00 to 7.50,happily the positions were closed better than my profit target,but anyway it should not be a gambling experience sitting there and watching .Surprisingly the open positioons on statistics were available.Max profit I had was 60,then it went down to 50 ,wich was almost my TP.Some intermediate could easily close at the low and close alveo positions later with 10pips less.


It's up again ... only a short 2 hour outage during London open ... without any support/response available.

Makes you wonder!