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Tuesday 11-6-2018 The server for Alveo has cycled up and down several times. This has caused traders to miss TP&SL points. While this costs Apiary Fund the most, it seems unprofessional not to have a backup server ready to come online and an IT person on hand to make sure of operation. Ideally the backup server is a different location than the primary server. The loss of trading time and the loss of funds would offset the profits made by a reliable system to work with.

Anyone else have a thought about this? It seems that I may be putting to much thought into this.

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 11:10pm
Jenny K

Agreed 100%. This is very frustrating!


I wonder if anybody monitors this forum. A lot of members have expressed their frustrations and yet Apiary hasn't found it necessary enough to explain the situation and what steps they are taking to resolve the constant server outages.

We still have to make the monthly subscription payments. When you are not able to trade as a result of Alveo server connection issues that count against your progress through the beeline.

These unending server issues hurt Apiary's reputation and affect how we feel about the company.

Please do something about this "finding server" issue.


The customer care person I talked to today basically told me this is just the way it is. Opened my eyes to be honest.


I had my first call today with a rep to try to get me to buy more training. I told her that there were threads on here with hundreds of replies on this isssue, she seem shocked. I told her that nobody from the company has addressed this even though I have an e-mail from support saying that issue are happening. Not looking good at all.


Do not think it's Alveo but the liquidity provider problem, that's from the messages I have received this evening. Alveo can work but need an execute from the firm dealing with the actual bid placements exchanging the money. That is the way I see it. Alveo is running on my computer but no company to actually execute the bids for money.



"Do not think it's Alveo but the liquidity provider problem, that's from the messages I have received this evening"

Yes, true ... Alveo is just a piece of software running ... but what does it do any good if the Service it connects to is not provided?

FX is hard enough as it is .... this adds another double piece of Risk to it!

Crazy what happened the last couple of weeks with LQ's.

That no one is aware or fixing it ... that is the worrying part of it!

Trading for a hobby is ok for that ... fun

For a living ... not so much!


I am frustrated with the number of server failure occurances. Each of us pay over $80 a month to have the service online and yet it seems these faliures are occuring more often then ever. Just today the servcie has been disconnected about 4 or 5 times. It has been impossible to make trades or to keep track of trades I already made. Not a statisfied customer


I think that Shawn needs to give a response on the problems. I did hear him make some comments during the Summit in Utah this year, that they look for liquidy providers that will provide a good service. He did mention that the companies they have do offer a very fast buy and sell service and I can verify that after buying and selling stocks for years where I had to wait up to 15 minutes to execute a buy or sell order. Most of the time losing hundreds of dollars waiting. Now who knows that the blips today are from. I see a day where Aviary will be its own provider but you have to be big.


server down again


Yeah down again!!


I have been unlucky. Each time i open a position the sever goes down.
As a scalper it affect me a lot.

Wayne Y

It would be nice to have someone let us know how long to expect the down time. I have been waiting here at my computer for a half hour now... just hoping it doesn't go too far against me, wondering if I should close my positions as soon as it comes up again so if it goes down again I won't be stuck here waiting and waiting...


The response from my last email:

Ivan (Apiary Fund)
Nov 8, 08:35 MST
Our vendor changed some things in the way they report to us out buys and sells. This has been a challenge because whenever they change something then our system will go down or have a bug in it and then we have to trouble shoot the problem in order to get it back up. We look bad because it looks like Alveo has a lot of problems. We are currently looking at a few different options. Unfortunately moving to another vendor is not as easy as just flipping a switch. But we are working on some long term solutions that will stop the outages that we have had form happening again and again. We appreciate your patience and I can definitely understand your frustrations with the trade platform. But I can assure you that we are doing everything in our power to minimize the outages right now until we can get a long term solution in place


Thanks Pipstress that is sort of encouraging- I had issues even with my VPS so I hope they have a path forward. I'm optimistic, long-term.


Interesting experience. Called support for assistance -- their Alveo was down and mine was up. Different servers apparently.


Yes this issue is a BIG problem had it happen a few times without an explanation, but I did received an email asking me to explain what happen before it crashed. Thanks Piptress for the info!


Here we go again Sunday 12.11.18-0140-0150 server down. Seems back up. Let's keep track on this string till this stops.


Sunday 12.11.18-0155 Back down waiting for connection. UP down up down. Hopefully it will stay up now.


I can understand the frustration as I have felt it myself. I appreciate that thepipstress posted the response she got from Apiary when questioned. I guess my question is why is Apiary not making this a general announcement for all of us to have. It would still be frustrating but at least you would feel that Apiary is doing something about the issue. There are all of the announcements on the Apiary Home page many of which are outdated. Perhaps posting this current information would make all of us happier traders.


I am having the same problems. Its up for a minute, down for 4, up for a minute, down for 4. Has been happening about the last 20-30 minutes.


Sunday 0144 gmt--Alveo red-highlight announcement "lost liquidity"--then froze!!. Tried to restart several times but unable to find Alveo server. Finally got back up--sort of??--at 0205gmt Chart display and order page took a while to completely load.


Sunday 12.11.18-0210 Maybe the system has settled for the night. Finally seems to be steady again.


I've been experiencing "liquidity provider " issues very regularly. Alveo gets disabled ever so often everyday!!


Hello trader SR1, you have issues with Liquidity Provider, so did I. So, watch your timing 6am to 12noon is the best time with the most volume of trades on the market. This will help with your liquidity provider issues when trading off hours. Lights out during some times of the calendar has something to do with what it's trying to say.