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Setting Alveo up for the 3 under 3

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Setting Alveo up for the 3 under 3

I was wondering how to do this since it was my last goal under the Silver 1 category.  Seems like it is not that easy to get 3 pips that quickly.  I kept bracketing ranges with a default order type of T/P of 4 pips and a stop of 4 pips.  (allowing plenty of room for slippage).  Then I went to find possible breakdowns.  Since I was working with micro-lots, I was not concerned about being stopped out.  I finally snagged the yen as you see below.  This is probably the tenth attempted trade set before success.  Just don't give up.  No need to wait for an announcement to do this trade.

160722_apiary_0317GMT_USDJPY_1min_5min_mkt_orders_on_rip.jpg152.03 KB
Fri, 07/22/2016 - 1:36am

Persistence pays off.


The way I did this is once I found the pair I wanted to trade I would stack several orders on top of each other, when at TP I was looking for Flatten all orders.