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Setting up Alveo

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Setting up Alveo

I find that I'm having trouble setting up my Alveo pages. The font is too small, I can't easily drag things around, there are too many different items to squeeze on the same page, etc.

I welcome any suggestions to simplify my problem


Sun, 03/27/2016 - 8:00am

Think about adding an extra monitor or use a large HD LED Tv, I use both and it works quite well for me. Just make sure everything is compatible with the hardware you currently have. I recommend a 32 inch HD LED Tv at the very least there are a number of different formats for connecting various monitors just make sure you know what you need before you buy..... VGA, DVI, USB and so on. Most computers can handle two PCI-e duel monitor cards fairly easy giving you 4 monitors to work with. Ebay is a good place to start! Let me stress that you do your homework on the compatibility issue you can destroy your mother board in some cases if you don't! believe me....been there done that! On most windows based systems you can go to "Display Settings" and adjust the resolution lower to get text to appear bigger but the trade off is, you loose the amount of information you can get onto one screen.

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Joey I

I know Alveo is giving people fits right now but the team is working very hard to correct the issues. With the changes they are making in due time Alveo will be one of the best systems around.One thing that I would like is to be able to Scan for trade using different studies along with different indictors and different time frames.Alerts would be nice also.


Does anyone know if you can take the pips tab in the order menu can be moved to the center and then the close trade x moved to the middle as well so these two tabs can be right next to each other...actually what I am really wandering is if you can SAVE it that way and not have to change it every time you open and close Alveo?

I would think that this is a screen set up that would require the developers to complete - not sure, try support.


Michael if I'm understanding correctly yes you can, I know the X can be moved only problem is, is that it isn't permenate, you need to move each time you open the platform. I haven't tried to move the pips tabs, but I believe you can move any of those, you just have to redo each time the platform is opened.