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Setting stops

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Setting stops

When the order says SL, does that mean Stop Limit or Stop Loss? How do I tell the difference?

Thu, 05/05/2016 - 11:46am

stop loss. limit orders r down below. ie. market, buy/sell stops. jim


Stop Limits get you into the trade, Stop Loss gets you out.


If you are talking about the heading S/L next to T/P it is stop loss and the number below it is where your stop loss is placed

a stop limit is shown in the orders under L/S price


It means stop loss


I switch between 15 minute charts in the morning, early afternoon and day charts later in the day. How do I decide stop loss and take profit targets for each? ATR based scheme has more often resulted in stopping the trade before it fully develops... Any other suggestions?


I have been placing trades n I thought that I had been placing stop losses each time I place a stop loss my statistics reading says that I have not made a stop loss order. Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong would be helpful . The only other thing that I have noticed is that whenever I place a stop loss it says that I have bought into a position . while the stop loss still have not been placed ,and I have not been able to take profit resulting in more losses in my trading cycle then I would like to see,any help will be appreciated. buzzing over here.


Use a bracket order every time you place a trade will solve the problem. Use the Code-->Variables-->set a bracket. You can always move your stop loss and target basis on your analysis.


Never use a stop limit to get out of a trade. It means that you will get out of a trade at a limit order--at your stop or worse in this case. If it is during a news event, you might not get out of a trade at your specified stop. You will get out but might not be the price you want.

Always use a stop market for a stop loss and limit order for a take profit--you will exit a trade at this price or better. That's what you want.


Well I don't have the Alveowebsite on this computer so that I can help you set your stop loss and take profit so that you can place a trade. You are able to place a trade without using a Stop Loss and Take profit. You can place a stop order when placing trades which is what I do with and EMA indicator so that I know what direction the trend is going. If I can be any help please send me a message and I will get back to you right away. Take care.