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Setting a Trailing Stop

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Setting a Trailing Stop

Is there a way to define how much of a lag there is for a training stop?  In other words can I set my trailing stops to lag behind by 2 pips or maybe 10 pips etc...?

Fri, 07/15/2016 - 10:28am

If you go into the code section on Alveo, you can preset a certain amount of pips as your stop loss and enable an automatic trailing stop too.


so if I set my stop loss to 4 pips, when I make a trade and select the trailing stop box, it will stay 4 pips behind the price? For example, say i enter a trade at 1.1116 and have my stop loss set at 4 pips and I check the trailing stop box , that means initially my stop loss is entered at 1.1112. As the trade moves in my favor and is now up to 1.1140, does the trailing stop move my stop loss up to 1.1136?


Andrew you are correct though 4 seems a bit close on most pairs. Another feature of the trail stop is if say you have your variable set at 20 and get into profit, you can at anytime drag the stop line wherever you like and it will trail from there. The other thing to watch is the fact that if you shut your computer down the stop quits working so watch out for that one .


Thanks.. I was just using 4 pips as an example. However, your last comment actually answered the question I was leading to. I put on a trade Friday morning with a trailing stop. Went to the gym, and when I came home, the trade had gone in my favor but came back down. My trailing stop never moved up. I turned off the computer. Instead of making a bunch of pips i ended up losing some.


Thank you very much 4xNorm, it is very helpful and more now with some of the Silver II requirements.



It would be nice if the trailing stop continued regardless of my computer activity.