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Shout out to Beav1982 - discord for apiary

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Shout out to Beav1982 - discord for apiary

Hi Everyone just a shout out to everyone that may have missed Beav1982 -Discord for Apaiary. A great initaive for fellow Bees to trade and talk in real time with other Bee's. I have coped link from Beav post. Beav has done a great job in setting up the discord. Hopefully many more will join to make use of the resourse . Thanks again Beav for taking the time to set it up and hopefully will be used by the hive.

Wed, 08/07/2019 - 3:24pm

Thanks Dave! I appreciate the shout out, just trying to help people out if they'd like it as another resource. As we grow and get more members over here I plan to cross post to the forum if we get any discussions going that might be beneficial to Apiary at large.