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SILVER 3 can be achievable in One Week instead of Two Weeks


SILVER 3 can be achievable in One Week instead of Two Weeks

I was thinking that Silver 3 will last for two weeks to achieved based on the Beeline Achievement Table "Bee Active: place at least 2 trades per week over 2 weeks". But after reading the requirements it considered the past Trades counting backward. So, after a few achievements on my 1st-day (Thursday) I refresh my Beeline page then my record shows that I had already achieved halfway. That means next week I will be able to complete SILVER 3 and to Unlock GOLD 1.

My PLAN is to FINISHED GOLD 1,2 & 3 as early as possible within a month but these will depend on the Achievement Table requirements. Looking forward to that.

Thu, 04/18/2019 - 12:07am

Congrats on reaching Silver 3!

For Gold 1 and Gold 2 you will need to trade for 3 and 4 weeks respectively.
I had the same hope as you to get throught them faster but this is a limitation.
I think that as we get closer to the funding level account, patience becomes an important factor to incorporate in your trading strategy


Congrats on your fast achievements, it just go to show that with the right teaching and the determination to succeed all things are possible. Best of luck going forward.


I tried closing 2 Trades that was open since last 13 days ago as mention the previous week counts.
After closing it and I checked either it work but none was credited.

Thanks for the info Abner.


Silver 3 I credited the Thursday and the next Thursday I finally got to gold. Everything was credited within two days it was just the 2 trades for 2 weeks that through me for a loop


I made silver 3 thus seems much easier than silver 2.


Good to know that Silver 3 can be completed in under 2 weeks. I have just one task to complete to finish Silver 2. Looking forward to getting to Gold as soon as possible.


Thanks for the insight , I am almost done with silver 1 and I will be catching up soon.


Yeah I blazed through all of the Silver levels, but Gold I have found has taken a little more time, not exactly sure why, but none of my strategies were working at first. I think it is a discipline thing.




Good to know. looking forward to Silver 3 soon.


I found Silver 2 to be the hardest. The Gold levels look pretty easy, its just they require so many weeks but yes its to teach us PATIENCE


I am just about done with Silver 3. If I can complete it tomorrow, it will have been 8 days so, not 2 weeks but, more than a week. I am feeling good about that. I wish I had done the first few ;levels more quickly though because the levels are getting more complicated and time consuming.


Yes the levels get more time consuming as you go based upon the number of weeks they want to see results from.