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silver 3

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silver 3

made it to silver 3 and got to post 5 forums topics which i am sure i want have any problem doing but i like getting things out of the way...and i dont have any charts or trade set-ups to post right now


friday is coming up so look for square up trades tonight on yens.....areas that got left behind are squared up a lot on fridays


same with london and new york


i call new york on friday reverseal look for those moves and be careful in the next few weeks trading


lower your targets for a more ranging market


and you guys enjoy the holidays and happy new year....



here's to a great forex new year!

Thu, 12/17/2015 - 5:37pm

Thanks for all your comments and tips. Happy Holidays to you too!


Thank you and happy christmas holidays to you too.


Great job Flash, thanks for the information.
Wishing you, your family and all Apiary Bee's Happy Christmas too :-)

Lia and Simon Terpstra