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Silver I requirements

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Silver I requirements

Does anyone know why one of my beeline requirements isn't getting marked complete? I'm trying to pass off trading "5 profitable days in a row" requirement and it's not marking it complete. I had last week Tues-Fri were profitable and yesterday (Monday) was profitable as well which is 5 days in a row right? I don't want to start going for my 25 pip on 3 separate trades requirement until this one gets passed off.

Tue, 04/21/2020 - 8:25am

Hey Jen;

Unfortunately, the weekend breaks up streaks, so you need to do all in the same week.

Although it looks like you are now Silver 2 so... congrats, well done :)



I'm in Silver I also. Still working on 25-5-24. EURUSD did me wrong today. I was up 23 pips through the weekend and the better part of today to have it reverse on me. I took the profit at 1 pip to start my 5 days in a row profitable. I may have to move to the daily time frame to get 25-5-24 done.


It also takes a little time to update.


Made it through Silver I. Made my 25 pips. I had three different sets of 5 trades to accomplish 25-5-24. I closed the trades with the most pips and let the others sit. However, I did put a stop loss on them. When the system put me into Silver II, I was half way complete with Silver II because of the open trades. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure which happen first, closing those last two trades or Silver II. Anyway, right now the only tasks I have left are place 100 trades, Make 50 pips on one trade, and 5 Profitable Days with 5 Trades.