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Silver I Tasks

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Silver I Tasks

My impresion of Silver I

What a great exercise in trading techniques. The two requirements, 3-3-3 and 5-25-24 took us all the way from scalping to trend following.

The 3-3-3 requirement was tough for me even though I consider myself as a scalping style trader, lots of short term trades with small wins, 2-2.5 pips.

Finding a high volitility pair and jumping in at the right time was dificult.

However the 5-25-24 requirement was a real test of nerves. My opinion was that this market was very risky to try and Swing or Trend follow trade since the volitility

whipsawed the price all over the place. I took my trade early in the morning on a pair I'v been trading and within six hours I was up about 300 pips ( wow noproblem )

eight hours later I was 800 in the hole. A weekend and two trading  days later ( with a great reduction in finger nail length ) I was back close to break even and then several

hours later I closed the trades sucessfully. All in all, a great learning experience.

Thu, 05/02/2019 - 10:05am

With all respect, I fail to understand the purpose of forcing any trade to be held for a minimum of 24 hours. I get the longer-term part but nobody would trade with that kind of tactic on a regular basis. I don't do that with futures. So, why make it a gate requirement? Just because all have to go through that knothole does not mean it was intelligently planned, as noted by the lack of a purpose statement for each gate which is another head shaker.

At least the Turtles were given a system. We are given nothing but our freedom to choose a system; no issue there. However, the gates have a purpose, but the training and explanation to get there is sorely lacking, in my opinion.

Mike Smith

fsherosky, beeline isn't the problem, alveo is the problem :D

Just playing with you Alveo brothers! We love you


Everyone eventually discovers what kind of trader they are. For some unknown reason I find my self needing to be in the market all of the time so scalping for 3 to 10 pips over 15 minutes is perfect for me. My circumstances are such that I can be at my trade desk all day in necessary to look for best setup.

I can see and understand those who have a day job really need to learn swing trading holding on to positions for days. I think the various exercises in the different levels of Beeline serve the purpose of helping us identify what kind of trader we are.

Leo in Huronia

Part of the idea of the Beeline is to push us out of our comfort zones. I understand the idea, and yet I'm still uncomfortable even planning to trade the H4 and D1 charts. However, it will help me to become a better trader in the end.

One thing I do like about the longer time frames is not having to sit and babysit a trade. I also have time to consider a move carefully. I haven't even really got into this yet, but I do like the idea and am beginning to see some of the advantages. About 2 weeks ago I never considered anything over the M15 seriously.

At first a lot of the assignments did not make sense to me either and that used to bother me. Now, I take it they are there for a reason and I'm simply getting focused on doing my best with them.