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Silver II to III

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Silver II to III

  • Silver is tough, I have lost 600 pips just to get the 3 trades at 20 pips marked off the list,
  • im working through, this SILVER develop patients and to follow my trade plan,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • next is the 50 pips, i have notised that using the GBPUSD is easier, but you get your stop lossed hit faster learning 
Tue, 01/28/2020 - 12:12pm

If too many of your trades are hitting SL, it probably means that your trades are not in alignment with the trend. Hope that helps.


As I am also on Silver II, I come to realize that of the assignments it is better to do the 5 profitable days in a row and then try the 50pips trade. Why, i both the Silver I and now on Silver II, I had 3 days winning and 4 days winning and because trying to go for the 50pips it caused me to have a loosing day. Thus my days got reset to square one. On Silver III, if there is such thing as a number of winning days in a row, I will take care of that first and then tackle the rest of the assignments. rblowers3, prash0901 is correct, make sure the trend is are aligned on the day, hourly and then the short timeframe before you commit to a trade. Best of luck and see you on Silver III.


Hey Guys, I too am wrapping up Silver III. Just remember to watch your risk management but if the pair you are trading for your 50 pip task and you REALLY know the pair you are trading, you might go up on your stop loss.25% and that might get you there. Remember to stick to your plan though, whart works for me may not work for you.
Also if you do NOT have a trading background , like I didn't, you might want to try going to the TRADING FOR INCOME / INVESTING FOR WEALTH. It's a week longfor both or if you only do the TRADING FOR INCOME then it's M-W with W being a half day . I had never placed a trade before I went to that camp & if you REALLY want to become a funded trader, I suggest this boot camp. It was well worth the investment in my trading EDUCATION. The instructors are great, the staff & material are as well. GOOD LUCK & HAPPY TRADING to all.


AllStar looks like S2 is a wrap, WTG, a great job that is a very consistent proving level, it will carry you far.