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Silver II :-P


Silver II :-P

I just passed to silver II and all thanks to the summit. So go to the SUMMIT, you won't regret it!

Wed, 06/20/2018 - 3:42am

Hi congratulations on passing Silver 11. i am still stuggleing to pass the 50 pips on one trade.


Congrats on silver II


Congrats on passing Silver II. I have been struggling to pass Silver II for over a month. Thankfully, I am just about finished. Today is my fifth day in a row of profitable trading and I will be done, except for the test, which I will pass next. So, I too, will be announcing my completion of Silver II tomorrow and I'll begin Silver III. Hopefully, it won't take as long?



Suggestions for getting 100 pips in one day. Thought abt hedging but that would mess me up on the 20 pip loss limit. Not sure of the penalty for that.


Congratulations! I just got to Silver 2 about 2 hours ago and am pretty excited!


Finally made it to Silver II, not sure what they mean by "no intertrade loss potential than 4 pips". Does it mean my stops have to be the same for all of the trades (within 4 pips), or that my stop for a trade can't be more than 4 pips?


It basically means to place your stop loss just below 4 when placing the trade.


Don't Hedge and be wary of that 20 pip requirement, it will cost you time cdowis. 100 pips is not hard. Focus on the 240 and daily charts and look for S/R levels where there are a number of candles that caused price to move in a certain direction. When it gets there place a .01 order in the direction of the prior move. If Price retreated last time, it is likely to do so again and place a hard stop inside the 20 pip stop maximum. Catch a few good trades that day with some scalps and cheers you got it.


I'M in silver 2 but stuck with emoti tag trader,,,,,,,,please give any advice


Ema A

Congrats to all on Silver II


Not sure if I understand your issue, but after you place a trade using One Click go back in using Modify Trade and set an emoji.