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Silver II Recovery Trades

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Silver II Recovery Trades

Does anyone have any advice on how to get the 5 Recovery Profit trades for the Silver II Beeline? 

In the last six trades there was a loss of 5 pips followed by four E/U Buy trades that made 11 pips and a E/U Sell that made 10 pips. That is 5 trades after a loss making 10+ pips however the achievement has not triggered.

Do these 10 pip recovery trades all have to be copies of the same trade?

Thu, 02/18/2016 - 4:34pm

Craig, if you made 11 pips each on the four Buys followed by 10 on the Sell that should meet the requirement. I don't recall them having to all be the same trade. Although, that's what I did. I just opened 5 simultaneous trades with normal stops/TPs and watched them run. I took profit once they hit about 11. Sometimes it takes a while for the trades to be recognized by the system.........Dale.


I just answered my own post. I created a loss of 3 pips on G/J then closed six trades for 13 pips profit on G/J and the achievement has been triggered.

I don't know if having all the trades on G/J was critical but suspect it was.


Craig, when you reach an achievment it doesnt always trigger automatically, it may take several minutes or longer, the Platform has to sync itself with the Beeline, you can see it in your daily logs, from looking at my daily log it looks like about every ten minutes it syncs with the Beeline, hope this helps.