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Silver II Suggestions

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Silver II Suggestions

Promoted to Silver II!  Any suggestions to confidently succeed?


Wed, 07/20/2016 - 9:00am

dnlchoward there's a session clock in the lower right corner of Alveo. The day starts at 00:00 GMT-11:59 GMT.


The 50 Pip moves is by far the most challenging task I've ever accomplished. It felt like taking a college final. To learn and realize just how large the larger timeframe scales are is invaluable information for future successful Trades.


S1 and S2 were hard for me.What helped me to get through was i used a different approach.Instead of having my stop loss 3 or 10 pipes away i gave my self more room to breath.By that i set my stop loss 50 pipes away and got in the trend if i was shorting or buying!


The forum is always a supportive place to hang out.
Keep trading and make regular visits.


Hi All, I have just passed Silver 1 and moved on to Silver 2. For those of you who had passed silver 2, what does the "10 pip rush" mean and how did you pass? I have made 10 trades that made more than 10 pips but my progress bar does not show a pass, just wondering if I have interpreted it incorrectly. Any help is appreciated!



I just completed silver 1. Thanks to every one for your suggestions on working for Silver 2.


This is my second day in Silver II.
Thanks for all the inputs, it helps a lot.

I just placed several small position at 0.01 lot. is helps to achieved the tasks.

On the second day I noticed "Maintain Average Win > Average Loss" was left behind.
For me to achieved this goal. I placed 10 losing trades with 1-pip SL. and then placed 10 winning trades at 2-3 pips. After completed I refresh my Beeline page. Just exactly as it is. I'm DONE.

I learned in my past what happened to me in Silver 1. I was reset twice by system due to my SL was hit before the reversal. Instead of only 1-week to accomplished Silver 1 it was been added another 5 days to complete (so prostrating).

Now in Silver 2, I'm now aware to maintain 5 profitable days.

This is my 2nd day in Silver II,
I need 3 more days to complete the 5 profitable days REQUIREMENT.

Just need patient for three more days to unlocked SILVER III.

Thanks to ALL!

Leo in Huronia

Just made it to Silver 2 a few moments ago. Whew! I bled for this one.

Looking at the tasks to complete, I just bagged a nice one (completing Silver 1) - XAU USD for over 100 pips! Timing... but that's okay, I was going for 25 and got a bit more.

I'm taking a long weekend off.

Good trading to you all!


I just got into silver II and noticed the No trade go against you more than 20 pips. I came in with loser trades from Silver 1 that were greater than 20 pips. Should I just take the hit now and wait the month?


Na trade on! Take no prisoners except maybe a few pips.

Nick Sammy

When you look at your Silver II stats it shouldn't include your Silver 1 stats.
If not then call support.