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Silver II

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Silver II

Dang this feels better than making silver I =)



Wed, 03/02/2016 - 12:37pm

i hear you! But its going to be a long ride on II!


I expect them to all be long but I am away from the 25-5-24 LOL


For me it's been short in Silver II, in two weeks I just have only 3 task left, 100 trades, 50 pips on one trade and Avg Win > Avg Loss.


Before Silver l and II, I mainly was a Short Term 1min and 5min TFs. But because of the 3 trades w 20 pips or more, and make more than 50 pips forced me to go to Longer TFs. Those trades range from 2-7 days. But I would not have done this Longer Term if not for these requirements.
So it was a learning experience different than the Short Term TFs that I was used to. But the 100 trades requirement impose Short Term TF methods with tighter Stop Losses.

Good Trading to all,



deanch my brain has moved in that direction too...besides it drives me batty trying to watch the charts i'd rather place trades at bedtime lol


Well done Jim
I have been in Silver 2 for a week and just need to complete the 100 pips in a day and the 5 profitable days in a row and expect to have that done next week.
I imagine some have completed it in 1 week,I won't manage that ,but am aiming to complete it in 2


Just finished Silver 2, now going to the last silver level before Gold.


Was down -1.9% earlier tonight when I had some trades go against me while I was helping a friend move. Just got done doing battle for almost 3 hrs and I am now up 0.24 % going to call it a night. And will evaluate my intra day strategy compared to my scalping.


Well done William


I just arrived at Silver 2 and am not clear on the "inter trade loss potential". Does intertrade mean between each profitable trade and how is a loss potential traded or recorded differently than a loss?


Grats guys....I made Silver III today!


I just completed Silver 1 on Wednesday after 9 weeks of struggle and it couldn't have ended any better, up 404 pips for the day in Alveo and a sweet $250 in my personal FXCM account. Now that's a graduation day. -Thanks Apiary. You are definitely having an impact on my trading.


I'm on my way to silver 3. Congrats Jim on making it to the next level. Silver 2 is a challenge, but much better than 1. I really struggled on Silver 1.


Just finished 25-5-24 this morning. Need 10-pip gain tomorrow and five profitable days next week to move on to Silver II. Silver I has been a challenge.


I finished Silver I last night and well on my way through Silver II. Lots of nice tasks in there. Congrats William on your finishing Silver II!


I need a fifth day of five profitable trades to be done with Silver II. I took a SL loss in the last few days and my average win > average loss went south. Does anyone know whether the comparison is pips or dollars gained or loss? Makes a difference as to how I approach completing the task. Help! Emmit


Hi Emmit,

Average win and average loss are calculated in dollars.