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Simple Swing Trade using EMA (44)

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Simple Swing Trade using EMA (44)

Modified strategy around a Exponential Moving Average from others in the long term group. This strategy is for swing trades which I define as 1 to 5 days. The strategy uses two indicators the 44 Exponential Moving Average and the Average True Range (ATR). The simple strategy is go above the EMA you go long, below you go short. I use the ATR for where to set the stop losses and take profit.

STRATEGY (Swing trades)
EMA(44) (Chart: H4 or daily)


- As Price crosses the EMA and closes - Long if crossing up & Short if crossing down
- Open 3 trades -
1) Take Profit at 1/4 ATR, Stop Loss at 1.5 ATR
2) Take Profit at 1 ATR, Stop loss at 1.5 ATR
3) no take profit, Stop Loss at 1.5 ATR
- Maintain 2:1 Reward to Risk ratio
- Leave trade running while "long" trades remain above (44) & "short" trades are below (44)
-When "long" trades cross below EMA or "short" trades crosses above MA
Or take profit or stop loss hit

Mon, 01/21/2019 - 9:26am