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Sit-stand desk

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Denver Dan

Sit-stand desk

Have any of you Bee's made a sit-stand desk?  I work from home and between work and trading I'm at my desk 12-14 hours a day, so I made a sit-stand desk using two linear actuators and some pipe.  It's pretty flimsy so I'm looking for a better design.  Any ideas?

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 9:26pm

Just got one from Ikea - pretty much the same idea with electric motors. My son insisted on letting him put it together, so from what I can see, on the bottom it has an H shape support that goes the length of the desk from leg to leg, secured by a 1/2 inch bolt. The legs have a very wide stand for stability. Very similar to their other desks / tables. Not bad at all. Let's see how it is after a couple of months of use. I have never worked standing up, so it takes some getting used to.

Denver Dan

Hi Paul, I didn't know Ikea made one. I'll have to look at their website. There are some days I get so tired of sitting that I have to get up. Let me know how it works for you.


There is a website that is nothing but stand up desk, They even sell monitor holders that attaches to the desk.


I just use my dresser as standing desk when i want to get up and take a break from sitting, its tall enough where its nearly perfect height and work just as well in my opinion


There are also adjustable monitor/keyboard arms that clamp onto your desk if you don't need to raise the whole desktop.


There's no discovery without experimentation.

I simply had no clue there was any other way to trade.

Thx for the insight guys.


Office Depot also has a nice one, nice price ($$$) too! I got one with a motor in it and it is very nice.


I was thinking about buying one? Seems like a good long term investment.


I found a website today looking at repetitive strain injury (RSI) with loads of such desks. Intriquinglky they did plastic leg raising cups that are modular and you put them under each foot of the table. Just a few quid.

(How do you avoid RSi? Just use a stochastic!)