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SL and TP settings beyond 100 pips in One-Click-Trading

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SL and TP settings beyond 100 pips in One-Click-Trading

Can anyone let me know if there is a way to modify the Alveo client to allow me to input SL and TP beyond 100 pips in the one-clilc-trading order tool?

Currently if I put SL and TP > 100 pips, the software sets it to 100.

I'm trading on a daily chart with 28 currencies and my SL especially is often beyond 100 pips.


Fri, 02/21/2020 - 10:00am


That would be awsome if someone knew that.
I use 1.5 ATR as SL. And most times it is not enough with "just" 100


Start with 100 as your stop... and then adjust it to a higher number using the new Magneto function available with the latest version on Alveo. Unfortunately, one click limits it to is what it is.


Novak, there is an issue with that and its called the 2% rule per trade.

As skucchal has said just above.

here is my semi-auto process.

But you can get around it by setting up your trade-in section of stop orders,

But the easiest way I know to do the more than 100 pips is to use a calculator.
Simply calculate how many pips you want, enter the price in the old calculator and then add or subtract the target/stop loss.
Add the order to your chart and enter, pull in up to modify and enter your new stop or target.

Enjoy the process.