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Solid State Drive

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Solid State Drive

In your trading computer, you want to make sure that you have a Solid-State Drive instead of a hard drive the reason is because a Solid-State Drive will be more reliable, less likely to fail or crash. Also, it will be 10x faster or even more than your typical hard drive.  

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Sun, 03/26/2017 - 1:48pm

great information, thank you


had no idea. thank you for that insight


Pardon my ignorance, but why is this important for trading?


My HDD delivers data faster than the program can utilize it, so SSD won't help, but it really makes booting up faster.



Can you give us some ideas of your hardware configuration? SDD should make a huge difference because your system should be writing some kind of data to the hard drive and a SDD WILL ALWAYS be FASTER than a typical HDD.



some info from the net.

( this info is just with the intent for information purpose not exactly as a recommendation. from me that is. )

hope it helps