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Spread's Jump 10x at close from 3 pips to 33.6 pips

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Spread's Jump 10x at close from 3 pips to 33.6 pips

Question for all you pros out there. I had taken a late open position going into the close of the week  at 4:52:54 pm EST then around 4:59:56 pm EST April 12, 2019, I was up 1 pip with a 3.3 spread (I'd been in the trade for 7 mintues), with 4 seconds left the spread jumps to 33.6 thereby taking out my stop loss 10 PIPs away for a loss in NZDCAD today. 

Some my question is; is this common with Alveo for the spread to jump 10x thereby taking out stop losses? I also had TradingView up at the same time with my live Oanda account, and their spread never came close to my stop loss (same end of day entry points and same stop loss). It's frustrating becuase trying hit all the beeline levels makes this loss look really bad on my statistics, plus I was trading my first full lot size so now even though my win/loss in Silver is 151:20 this makes my Average Win Vs Ave Loss dollar amount significaltely different. Note: I usually trade 0.02 lot sizes for an average of 3-5 pips per trade. I went with a full lot size due to the confluence I had on all my time frames with confirmation on the direction. 

I guess I'll need to trade a few more full size lots to get my Ave Win Vs Ave Loss back so the wins are greater than the losses?

Also, do most of you close out of your postions prior to the week day close?

Fri, 04/12/2019 - 5:34pm

unfortunately, it is completely normal. not only on Alveo but all brokers widen their spreads heading into weekends.


I would get out of my trades by 4pm on Friday, unless, of course, you are a long term trader.


or even earlier on Friday.


7Seventy7, please go to the end of the following thread...i give a detailed explanation, video, and snap shot...

here's what you have to know...

once your money is in play, the market maker wants it, end of week moves, study them, and you will find that trap moves happen.

- the trap move plays out in two common ways, misdirection, followed by a the spread widening

trading at the end of the week in the last minutes, or even hours of the day is not a time i would recommend, to trade.


good advice everyone, thank you all! also, thank you burton for the link, enjoying the read.


7Seventy7, you're welcome.