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Statistics open positions

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Statistics open positions

Has anyone been checking the open position status on the stats page?  Noticed yesterday mine quit updating.  at least the pips and profit.  

I use that page to keep track of what is going on by accessing it while on the road... which is what I do... now I can't tell what is going on.  I know things are moving becasue I can go to a chart service and see the price has changed dramaticlly but it still isn't showing changed on the statistics page.  Has been 24 hours now and hasn't changed a pip.

Wed, 06/08/2016 - 7:36am

Same here! I am sure there is no freeze time on Alveo.


Yep, I noticed that as well. I use and click on the pair to view the charts.


Just noticed this problem this morning. Wanted to close some open positions from mobile app. Checked status on Website stats page. Was able to close positions from mobile app, but Stats page on Website still showing open positions and frozen. Also - Order History on mobile app does not show those positions at all (not open anymore, but also not showing closed). Beeline also does not reflect those trades.

Raj C

Same here.



Alveo and the Stats page have always been Hinkey (technical term) with open positions


I use to be able to access via browser but now it is locked up... Nothing works now.