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Statistics Page Innacuracies

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Statistics Page Innacuracies

I just noticed a weird anomoly on the stastics page. 

I have attached a before and after picture of what I saw.

On order #400 you will see while it was open the Statistics page showed it as a large number of pips down, which it never reached that level.  I maintain around a 15pip SL, which it did hit.  But only after it hit that SL did the statistics page reflect the correct values.

Not sure why it did this, but thought I would throw it out there in case anyone else has run into this.

before.jpg133.62 KB
After.jpg114.04 KB
Fri, 02/12/2016 - 2:09pm

Yeah AMC, the open ad pending orders on the stat page, for whatever reason, tend to be off. It's been like that for a while. If you notice your order in the before shot is open for almost 6 1/2 hours while in reality it was much less. As long as it's correct in Alveo, you are alright


yep, when I am away from alveo, monitoring the stat data from ios seems to be more reliable. (not foolproof though but it reduces my stress levels)


Yeah there was a bug in that stats page for pending orders, I believe I have that fixed.

I posted a response in another thread about it:



Also, if your scatter chart wasn't working before - I may have fixed that as well... I say "I may" because I haven't checked everyones account yet - but for the ones that didn't load on my account, they are working now. That was a separate issue, but it has been around for far too long. The screenshot is of my scatter chart, I just attached it as a reference for what I was talking about.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 3.37.36 PM.png