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Still ALOT of work needed on Alveo

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Blake D

Still ALOT of work needed on Alveo

Is anyone else having daily issues with Alveo? Constantly dissconnected from the server for extended periods of time. Trades randomly closing before the stop loss is hit, or trades not even triggering the stop losses but instead running past them causing bigger losses. This is a daily occurance for me and it makes it nearly impossible to execute, monitor and be successful. Trading is hard enough, would be nice if we had a quality platform so we didnt have to worry about these issues and could focus solely on the trading itself. I was just generally curious if anyone else is having these problems as well. Is there a better platform to use, I am using the Alveo Beta?

Fri, 10/26/2018 - 3:35pm
Georgia Peach

Yes I am..!!..I just posted on the outages on Alveo...Sorry you are having problems...This has been happening a lot to me too...I get the emails where the server has been down and then corrected but it doesn't matter, I Have TRADES in...!!!...This has to get corrected because now I'm getting worried about putting in a trade..especially because I'm still working toward getting funded..!!..I set my stop loss so far down/up I can only hope they don't get stopped out..!!