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Stoachistics Trend trade EMA10-20 cross H1, H4, D

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Stoachistics Trend trade EMA10-20 cross H1, H4, D

This one works for me:

Chart setup

-          SMA 200

-          EMA 10-20

-          300 candles

-          Stoachistics default settings

-          Timeframes, H1, H4, D

-           Pairs: All crosses of USD, EUR, JPY, AUD, NZD, CHF, GBP

Trading hours (for opening trades)

06:00-12:00am EST H1-H4

5:00-9:00pm EST    H4/D

  1. A.      Trend trade (bullish rules, bearish opposite rules)

B.1. Trade setup

                B.1.1. Price above SMA 200

                B.1.2. EMA10 and EMA 20 moving upwards

B.1.3. EMA10 crosses EMA20 upwards

B.1.3. Prices returns to EMA 10, candle touches EMA10

B.1.4. Stoachistics crossover at or below 50 level

B.1.4. Bullish candle with close in upper 25% and above EMA10

B.1.5. EMA 10 and EMA 20 continue to point upward

B.1.6. Open trade

                B.2. Trade Open

B.2.1. 2 trades, 1% risk over equity each

B.2.2. SL= 2ATR or 5 pips below last pivot whatever is large 1:1; TP first trade = 1:1; TP second trade not set

B.3. Trade monitoring

                B.3.1. MT4 Alarm at 0.5:1: Both trades to breakeven

                B.3.2. Tradingview alarm at candle closed below EMA 20

                B.3.3. Before going to sleep: If in profit: Move SL to EMA20

B.4. Trade close

B.4.1. Candle close below EMA 20


Sat, 10/13/2018 - 9:47am