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Stop Buy and Stop Sell

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Stop Buy and Stop Sell

Using stop Buy and Stop Sell has improved my trading immensely.  With my work schedule taking up so much of my trading time, I have found using the stop buy and stop sell when placing orders as a way to increase my winners and reduce my losses.  Before using this, I would place my trade "guessing" which direction the market would flow.  Now when I place my trades I let the market price itself determine whether I enter long or short - and when.  From using this strategy - it is not unusual for me to capture breakouts as they occur.  All of my trades are placed with stops - which I adjust when a new position is entered.  I do this as I have found that when I enter a position - I now can use the price movement to place tighter stops.  When my trades his +10 pips or better - I move my stop to lock in a winning position.  As the price moves in my direction - I manually move my stop to lock in larger profits - but allow some flucuation to allow me to run on winning trades.  This change to my trading has moved me to where I have more winning positions - bigger winners - and more limited loses.  

Fri, 10/05/2018 - 7:38am

Hi Poldar, thanks for your share, I'm going to implement Your strategy in my trading.


Thank you,I will try this.


it has helped me immensely. Today is two months since I joined Apiary Fund - and today I made gold 2!


@Poldar, congrats on your hard work achievement! Steady as she goes and see you funded sooner.

BTW you methodology is great, just allow the trade to come to you.


I thought this sounded familiar, then looked at who wrote the strategy. As you know, I totally love the strategies we have discussed and feel that this strategy is a great strategy. It is great to discuss our learning with each other, and to have a true blood brother to share this trip through Apiary with.

Best of luck...


Thanks for sharing Poldar. Quick questions: What timeframes do you use? Do you use bollinger bands as well? If so, is it a 20 moving average? Do you use this strategy to get into the London market open breakout?


@al.london84. I use the D1 and H4 charts. I have started using Bollinger bands and it has improved my choices as well. My Bollinger bands are the default in Alveo (2 deviations, 10 periods). I have found that the London market breakout is my most profitable times - but I find all market opens profitable


Its good strategy for breakout or breakdown market. Definitely will give it a try.


Hello team I am new to Apiary Alveo . Can someone please let me know where I can get detailed instruction on how to use a buy stop/sell stop?


maybe this will help

for more try or

jo n

Hi Poldar

actually i dont know how to do the buy stop and sell stop. can you show me some trades?



jo n, in alveo this is way easier, than in mt4...

- buy stop, place pending order above the current price
- buy limit, place pending order below the current price

- sell stop, place pending order below the current price
- sell limit, place pending order above the current price