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Stop Loss triggered unexpectedly...

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Stop Loss triggered unexpectedly...

When I place a trade, I set a stoploss of 50 pips and then adjust it later...

Last night I moved all stops on my GBP/USD trades to about 1.2880... imagine my surprise when I discovered one of the trades had closed with a 51.6 loss...

I'm posting two screen shots clearly showing the trade which stopped out at 8:15 am BST this morning and I'm wondering how this could've happened?

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Fri, 09/25/2020 - 12:56pm

Hey Richard;

Alveo has been having some "hiccups" with one of the Lp's lately. Send the screenshots to support and ask them to rectify the trades. If the trades are not holding you back from advancing through Beeline, then I would not worry about it. But if it did screw your stats, let them know.

This has been a pretty big issue for funded traders.

Hope that helps,



It appears that you may have been slighted. Don't take it personally. Nothing in life is perfect.


We used to have "hiccups" with the trailing stop firing prematurely. Anyone have any problems with it recently? I've found that most data screwups are from holding from the NY close to the Asian open. Not that prices won't gap, but they don't gap that much. - Zooms


Same happening to me if i did not see it happen i guess i would not have noticed it as i don't review everylast trade i make after it closes. which i guess i should be doing

i do send them to support and they correct them as needed

but you have to wonder how many you do not catch