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Stop losses not activating

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Stop losses not activating

I just noticed recently that my stop losses are not activating. I am not sure if this is a known problem but this morning I expected to be stopped out but instead, it kept the trade open and the service closed the trade at 2 1/2 times my stop loss. I checked on my statistic and it shows the stop loss I set, but it's like the system completely ignored it.

Does anyone know why Alveo would not use the stop loss, this is not the first time this has happened. Now I am reconsidering doing swing trades since there is no mobile way to use Alveo.


Thanks for any assistance.

Mon, 10/28/2019 - 8:39pm

There may be multople reasons for that to happen. My suggestion is to place a ticket in the Help section of the page; the IT guys from Apiary will at lesst tell you what happened


I had that issue multiple times before I finally got an explanation from the help section . And that explanation was unexceptable so I let them know . They said they were sorry for my disapointment and would be in touch . However, I never heard from them again . The explanation I finally got after my persistance in continuing to bug them was : This is a bug and was turned over to tech help and would let me know what the problem was . But they never did ! I was told they ( Apiary support ) said if you do not turn your computer off the bug does not appear as often . To me that was unacceptable . In an earlier conference call from Shawn we were told " if you have problems just deal with it " . All that was unacceptable for me but I wanted you to have the same info I had . On multible times my stops and/or tp did not work . It's an Alveo problem that to my knowledge has not been resolved . So if you have trades that last a long time expect the same problems as I had .


Alveo is not perfect...................and those who work support are not techies. I have had issues with S/L and other things..... You have the option of setting your stops when yoiu modify the order. Yep I know that isn't the perfect solution, but it is a work around. Good luck and stay green!


Thanks for sharing


Awesome everyone, and thank you for the feedback.

I will adjust my strategy accordingly.

Thank you so much for the awesome support!


This has happened to me twice. Both times it was when I logged out of Alveo for a short time. I just assumed that it the stop losses were not effective because I was logged off. Were you logged on when it happened?


Ive had a couple of S/l pass thru and close 10 to 20 pips farther . i made a ticket and its been cleared . does not show on anything to do with getting funded . everytime


This always seem to be happening if I am not logged on. I am not funded yet so not a huge concern but it will be if I am working with a live account.