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Stop Losses not initiating

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Stop Losses not initiating

Twice now, I've had to leave for an hour in the middle of my trading session, but didn't think anything of it because I had take profits and stop losses in place. However, when I come back and turned on my computer, the positions closed 4X further than my stop loss!!! I'll never get funded at this rate.

Has this happened to anyone else? Am I using Alveo incorrectly?

Wed, 12/18/2019 - 5:12am

He's a screen shot of what I'm talking about. You can see that I had SL's at about 1.1148, but all the positions closed at 1.11332 for a 20 pip loss!



Unfortunatly, Alveo will not recognize your stops, pt or pending orders if Alveo is not open. This has been a long standing issues as the orders are kept on the client side (your computer) so if you shut Alveo down it's like they don't exist.

Just need to leave your computer on and Alveo open




Thanks for letting me know. That's really frustrating, but at least I can deal with it now.




Your welcome and that is how most of us found out...



It can work the other way. Quite a long tome ago I had a position open overnight and turned off my computer as you do and when I turned it on the next morning my position had gone down quite a significant way beyond my stop and recovered to be in a moderate profit. Get lucky some times!!! I have since found out about the issue with Alveo so now make sure that I set my computer on in at least 3 hours before it will go to sleep or no sleep mode if it is going to be longer.


If I recall pending orders and trailing stops in Alveo require your computer to be on and in the non sleep mode since they are stored on your computer.
T/P and S/L are on the Apiary server and do not require your computer to be on.
With that said a S/L is not 100% guaranteed especially if there is a gap or big sudden movement in the pair. Even though you hit the S/L it will not trigger if there are not enough orders in the opposite direction to complete it. You will stay in the transaction until it can process.


The exact thing happened to me last night causing a 1.4% loss, I set up my trades and went to sleep only to see that my take profits on some trades triggered but not my stop losses....If it would of been visa versa It would of been very nice lol


I had been wondering the same thing. Thank you


I have had the same thing happen to me and there wasn't any large gap to blame. In my opinion it is a bug that needs a fixin'. I wish they had a function where we could see the US Dollar Index on our screens as many US currency pairs movements are related to that.


This just happened to me. First, my TP never triggered, but I manually closed near my take profit point, then moved stop losses to "break even". Except, the stop losses were triggered at the previous level, not the break even point. Turned what should've been a .5% win into a .8% loss.

Very frustrating.


Just happened to me as well. I took profits on 1/2 my position and moved my remaining 2 positions to in profit and shut off my platform only to reopen this morning to a 25 pip loss on the remaining 2 positions. Why would a company want to rely on our equipment being open. I was hoping to be able and put on position trades as opposed to the scalping on the platform.

Does anyone have a suggestion with regards to position/swing trading using a platform that will hold orders if my computer is off?


@rick "Does anyone have a suggestion with regards to position/swing trading using a platform that will hold orders if my computer is off?"

It's either a VPS, or wait for the cloud based platform (in development).


This was a common problem with me when the S/L is placed and Alveo goes beyond the S/L until risk management close out the trade. For months I will create a new ticket through the Help section take a snap shot of the day and Apairy will reverse the trade and account.


@daryl, "This was a common problem with me when the S/L is placed and Alveo goes beyond the S/L until risk management close out the trade. "

I encountered this problem in my funded account. I don't think I had this problem during sim account. I didn't know you have to leave pc on in order for SL to work. I thought only trailing stop is like that.



I'm pretty sure this applies to all SL (trailing or not) and all TP.




This issue is still happening. my contracts were all closed with 1 to 7 pips gains even though my TP was st at 5pips. Mind you that the market moved on my direction but I never made the gains. Frustrating to say the least.


If an Alveo issue caused you to lose trades, you should contact support. They will need a copy of the log file and will adjust your account as needed to fix the loss. I am speaking of a Silver or earlier account. If it was a live account with real money, I don't know if the same solution is available.