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Stop losses

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Stop losses

Just starting, but haven't figured out how to set a stop loss and target?

Sat, 07/09/2016 - 5:32pm

Do you mean that you don't know how to set them up in Alveo when placing a trade, or do you mean where on your chart - in terms of price - should you be placing a stop and target?


Click on Code after logging in an Alveo platform-->Select Variable and type in your info.

I hope this is what you're looking for. You also can adjust your stop loss and take profit by dragging the line after entry.


Hello Sokha,
What would be the ideal stop loss and taking profit? And as always thank you for your contributions to the forum.



My ideal stop loss depends on the size of a supply and demand zone.

I use a 2% daily ATR + spread above a distal line stop loss for a short-term swing trade (any TF such as 60 min or lower) for sell short and vice versa for long.

I use a 10% daily ATR + spread above a distal line stop loss for a long-term swing trade (any TF such as 120 min or higher) for sell short and vice versa for long.

I usually know the risk before placing a trade, and I can calculate my position size accordingly. I can use either a spreadsheet or a web version position sizing attached link below by placing my stop loss.

My take profit depends on the opposing demand zone--profit margin for sell short. For a short-term swing trade, I will take a profit at 2 targets: T1 at 2:1 reward: risk mechanically and T2 at a HTF opposing support area.

For a long-term swing trade, it depends on a current market condition. I usually take a profit at 2 targets: T1 at 2:1 or 3:1 reward: risk depending on an opposing supply zone and T2 at a HTF opposing support area. Sometimes, I will take 3 targets but not very often.

60 min eurusd.jpg Wait for so long and it goes without you!.jpg 15 min supply zone_EURUSD.jpg 5 min SZ.jpg 4hr eurusd.jpg audusd_4hr.jpg Know your RR before placing a trade in advance.jpg

Some traders are very profitable trading without a stop loss. I can't do that because most of my trades are set and forget. If not, I enter at market order using the code above with a stop loss and a profit taken.

I readjust the stop loss and take profit accordingly, and then I will be done with that trade til either its 1st target is reached or its stop loss is stopped out. If a 1st target is achieved, I will move a stop loss to breakeven for a 2nd target.


Hi Lalalinda and Welcome to the Hive :)

it looks like mt friend Sokha has your answered covered.

@PPK, stop loss placement is generally going to be based on your system or preference. Most traders will place the Stop above/below the most recent swing high/low. A stop can also be based upon a set number of pips. For example, if the backtesting and implementation of your system, statistically shows that a trade's probability greatly decreases if it goes a certain number of pips against you (point of no return) then you can use that as a stop.

Just a quick disclaimer for Sokha, Apiary Always wants you to use a stop loss.


This website will tell you how to place stop loss and profit targets . Http://