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Suggest an Indicator for Identifying Strongest & Weakest Currency

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Suggest an Indicator for Identifying Strongest & Weakest Currency


I hope you're all well. Does to anyone have any suggestions for an effective signal or indicator for identifying the strongest currency & weakest currency to trade? I used completecurrencytrader's CSI (currency strength index or currency strength indicator) in the past but would like to find a more economical alternative. Thanks everyone, happy trading.

Tue, 07/02/2019 - 7:08pm

Check out - it is a site, not an indicator, but I like it. also has an indicator for currency strength, but I believe it is part of their paid software.

Best wishes!


During the daily discussions a few of the pros reference this website for volitility:


I follow ForexSignals TV on YouTube. He is a well-experienced trader and you can learn a lot from him. He has an indicator that he developed that works in MT4 which shows you the strength of each currency. There is also a video that goes with it and best of all it's free!


ForexSignals TV

Video for the Indicator


Here is something that you might be looking for:
Sorry, you have to cut and paste.

I no longer use it as I've moved over to very short term scalping.

It is free. You don't need to sign up for anything or give them anything....but

(Warning) if you choose to give them your email address you will be spammed to death.


I have an insider tip for you, it is a German Site you will love!


Very good web site, thx