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Suggestions for the 25-5-24 challenge

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Suggestions for the 25-5-24 challenge

Hello Beeliners, I am stuck on the 25-5-24. I typically havent done well trades longer than 8 hours. Seems like they always reverse, prior too Apiary it would result in a total lose. Any suugestions: videos to watch or strategy to use?

Mon, 07/29/2019 - 2:19pm

I used the D1 chart and did 30 pips for both TP and SL. Trade with the trend and look for support/resistance levels and trade between them. Once your trade fills, don't come back to it until 24 hours later. Also use micro lots, profit is not important here.

Pavneet Ghai

I am facing the same issue, my trade was up 20 pips in 2 hr and now it's down 170 pips its 26 hrs now :(