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Surface Pro 4

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Surface Pro 4

I have a desktop that will be used for the majority of trading, but I was thinking about purchasing a Surface Pro 4 to use while away from home.  Does anyone have any experience with this device?  Thoughts?  I greatly appreciate it!

Fri, 03/17/2017 - 4:54pm

I have a Surface Pro 2 and it works fine with Alveo, however I must warn you that the screen is quite small. I use it when traveling and have had success. Actually I find it difficult trading on it for me, but then I'll be 75 in a month. LOL and good luck!


I have a SP4. It's the best and the lightest laptop/tablet. It's powerful even if you have an i5 8gig ram. It's more than enough in trading. Trading software is not heavy anyways and you can open a bunch of charts at the same time. The Surface Pen is also a neat device to draw some lines in your trading platform for support, resistance or patterns. Battery life is also good.