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Swing Trading

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Swing Trading

Greetings traders. I’m a professional researcher, writer and have both Admin Assistant and 5th Class Power Engineering Certificates. Over the years I have developed from a casual day trader into an FX swing trader and find it to be preferable in nearly every respect. The moves are larger, more profitable and the everyday stress is greatly diminished. I highly recommend using technical analysis in conjunction with fundamentals to make trading decisions off of. This is how bank traders trade and whom we must emulate. A great place to start learning technical analysis are the study guides which are required reading material from the IFTA, or International Federation of Technical Analysts. The first being Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by John Murphy, the second, Technical Analysis Explained by Martin J. Pring.

As far as fundamentals are concerned, be sure to watch and adhere to news announcements on both the Forex Factory website as well as Daily FX. Both deal with key fundamentals and Daily FX has a whole team of analysts who have great expertise and sound advice for the modern forex trader. Also remember that professionals usually specialize in one or two pairs at most and don’t overtrade. So, don’t have three or four positions on at once and only trade from perhaps two the majors. There is often more than enough action between two major pairs every month to write your own paycheck. And remember, MTFA, Dow Theory combined with strong fundamentals determine the price moves.Obtain sound knowledge of each of them in the guides and websites listed above. And also use sound money and risk management principles to protect your accound balance while adhering to technicals and fundamentals and you should have a reasonable chance at being profitable.

Sun, 05/19/2019 - 7:40pm

Agreed, But one has to experience the price swings to see how easy it is to be in the red more often than in the profits as price is in these tug-of-war osculating patterns. So, technical and fundamentals are just a piece of the puzzle to managing risk. Keep in mind how many times one takes a loss just because the leverage was too much, and then price goes in the direction planed in the first place. Meaning too much leverage forces unnecessary losses.


definitely not light reading...still, very interesting. will be reviewing. thank you

don't know that i agree with the fundamentals, although, triguy is quite successful, and embodies both technical, and fundamental methodologies.


Sounds like great advice. I think I’ going to focus on swing trading.