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System is down again...How do they expect us to manage risk when their system Alveo is constantly having problems.

Thu, 03/12/2020 - 8:37pm

Price is currently 15pips away from my stop loss


All my trades went immediately "south" after I entered the trades and I was nearly immediately over 100 pips down. Minutes later, the system went down and has been down ever since. Apairy should at least post information on as to the status of the system and when it is expected to be back up.

Jenny K

yup def down for almost an hour now, lets hope it gets resolved soon!

Blake D

Yep, Alveo constantly kicking people out is a MAJOR MAJOR issue here. Same thing happened to me. I lost over $500 in the last couple days due to this. Apiary does NOTHING to compensate for your losses due to their shitty software program. One of the huge huge cons about this place is the shitty software programming and the lack of customer service. You email trying to explain what happened and you either:

A) Get ignored and don't even get a response or B) They totally disregard how terrible the software is and lay blame on you so they don't have to fix the software or take responsibility for it.

It's extremely disappointing and you wish people around here cared more about wanting you to succeed than just collecting their monthly fees and making their money off commissions. I wish it weren't like that but from my experience being here that is how they've operated.

Must be a 2020 thing, people straying away from God over greed and selfishness. Judgement Day is coming!


Alveo acting stragely..Lots of inconsistency and accuracy in close out pips and calculations. This has to has to be fix asap.


While I agree that Alveo has been performing not very well, it has to be put in perspective that the world is going through a major crisis, and this will affect liquidy providers too. Apiary's liquidy provider has never been great, and now it can be suffering from even more difficulties. The best approach during these very turbulent times is to probably be more careful with risk and timing.


Im here on the east coast and trade everyday during US session. I dont recall any huge problems. It did get wonkey but fixed itself in minutes,if i may ask where some of you are located? wonder if its regional?


Please reach out to with the trade id so we will be able to review your trades.

Blake D

I was kicked out my account with 3% daily risk claiming that I reached my daily limit. MORE ISSUES WITH APIARY, who could've thought! Also haven't heard from Apiary about the $500+ lost due to THEIR server issues. NEVER HEARD BACK FROM ANYONE! This is how they treat Gold 3's who are funded.

Do other users get this same treatment or is just non-American users who face this discrimination?


Blake, you should email into support about this. Alveo does have an occasional issue with stop out limits but so far it appears to be random. It has happened to me as well.


Wondering if anyone else is having issues with Alveo finding the server this evening 3-18? I can't get anything done with the slow action and the continual disconnect. Really pathetic!


Wondering if anyone else is having issues with Alveo finding the server this evening 3-18? I can't get anything done with the slow action and the continual disconnect. Really pathetic!


I was about to ask the same thing... Yes, I opened a transaction and Alveo didn't let me close it.... I lost 10 pips because of the latency. Not funny


this has been happening to me everyday for the past 3 weeks. the platform is constantly trying to connect to the server. One day I lost $900 in my funded account because Alveo dropped out and all I could do was sit and wait.. In the past I have asked for help with support and I always get it is the spread.
It is what it is I just have to learn to overcome the platform issue to be successful.




Yes, for a SERVER MAINTENANCE! at 11 pm CST! And I have a trade in GBPNZD, which moves like a wild cat. I was +100 pips, but the server was in maintenance! I may as well end being -200 pips!


Wow, looks like some folks need to take their pacifier and blanket and go to bed.


Here in Utah Salt Lake City area suffered a 5.6 Earthquake, and power was out most of the morning. But that should not have caused disruption on the servers. I don't think that has anything to do with the server not working very well.


skw57, why don't you act like a grown-up, when you get funded, you will have a different attitude when the money you should be earning gets shot down by the system not doing what it should. I have traded with Apiary for over 5 years, and I don't say much unless I have had a lot of trouble, and it has been very troublesome for several days. If you can't be nice, don't say anything at all, we are all hive members, and we don't need any mouthy stuff going on! Grow up!


Iam back on on mass east thank GOD


@ skw57

I managed to get on the positive side, but this is not an excuse for Alveo being down. With the crazy volatility now 5 min could be the difference between a big win and a big loss - and if you think about Alveo being down for couple of hours, that flip becomes quite possible.


nailed me good just before the Trade Room, I will have to wait until tomorrow to start the fix.


anyone having trouble closing trades on EUR/CAD? I was in a trade that went my way, flew past my TP and I still cannot close the trade. I was below my TP, and 52 pips above the open, when I noticed, tried to manually close and even tried to move SL. Closed Alveo and re opened it, still no luck. Am near break even some four hours later and now fear I will be losing by the time support can help me. (it's Sunday night)


Alveo working ok here right now (South East Asia), all morning.


If you trust me, you can message me your logon/pwd, I will close it for you ;-)

You can change it later

Maybe a bad idea, but you don't have a funded account and if you really worry.


thanks for your offer. at this point i'll let support handle it