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Tap Room

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Tap Room


I became a member of the tap room; however, it's not possible for me to go and see past episodes or even to be able to know when the next tap room is going to take place or how I can access to watch it.

The is a "support" contact, and I contacted them in the past for a different issue (The web didn't even let me subcribe at all) but they answer within 24 -48 hours and there is no phone number available.

Is anyone having the same problem? If so, how you got it solved?

Thanks Bees.






Tue, 04/09/2019 - 7:07am

HI Maria, Its very sensitive to browsers. I have the same issues if I use IE but everything seems to work perfect in Chrome. As far as the next TAP room is concern you just have to keep checking. Seems like they usually post or announce the next TAP room a day or 2 before they have it. You are suppose to get an email announcement but I have never gotten one.



Hi John,

Thanks, I've tried Chrome after your post; it seems to run better. I remember Shawn said there will possibly be another tap room tomorrow, but I don't see anything over there for tomorrow though...

Thank you John


I cannot see last week tap room either...


There is nothing new posted on the calendar and I didn't get an email saying it was going to happen, most likely didn't happen. Glad you can get in now.


Thanks Rookie and John


I was asked if I wanted to pay an extra 10 dollars a month for the tap room and told it was "on the calendar" I see no tap room classes listed in April Mark in Atlanta


I didn't see anything this month on the Calendar for Tap Room. Is it on a different website?



"I didn't see anything this month on the Calendar for Tap Room. Is it on a different website?"

Great to see you found them now ;-)


Tap Room Callander for June,
note I get updated all the time.

Tap Room Call.PNG