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Thanks to all you guys and gals that gave me encouragement over the last week or so. I was getting vey frustrated with this and needed the feedback and good words.

I placed my second consecutive win trade tonight (very small) to get me the 2 consecutive days without a loss, and my 3rd 10+ pip trade in a if all goes right and I am correct I will be silver I by Sunday's trading open

Anyone new reading this and maybe struggling....go to the library>courses and read and listen to the Beginning Strategies. That is one strategy I will keep in my pocket. After I set my rules, followed the strategy plan my trading went up, I was up 51 pips in 2 very very short trading sessions after work in 2 days, had I been using a full lot, that would have been about $510 minus spread costs....I got very excited thinking about that!

So again...THANK YOU everyone for pushing me to stay at it and not give up like I had wanted to a couple times. You New NewBee's (I'm still one)....don't give up, you will get it...I know I am not there by any means, but I get it.

Fri, 02/05/2016 - 2:07am

EDIT:: WOW I am SILVER I !!!!!!!!!!!


Well done Jim, keep sticking to your rules and happy trading.


Thx MFI!


Been there done that Brother! Congratulations! Keep your lot sizes small (.01) while doing your "Home work" you can make a lot of bad trades and it won't hurt you to much and "you might just learn something"! Good luck! and you should know I too have had "Want to throw the laptop out the window" days!


Great to hear! Keep plugging away!

Thanks for posting about your frustrations and overcoming. It gives encouragement to the rest of us.